Calaca Party Bingo Slot ᐈ Free Demo Play, RTP, Review

At Calaca Party Bingo we find a crazy bingo on the Mexican night of the dead. Discover this and other online slots.

Title: Calaca Party Bingo
Provider MGA
Release Date2020-02-24
Available Desktop / Mobile
Last Updated2021-05-21

Calaca Party Bingo: Slot Review

Calaca Party Bingo

The night of the dead in Mexico can be disturbing or a real crazy party. La Calaca Party Bingo is a slot machine like we have not seen another like it, whose setting is the night of the dead and the argument to achieve the maximum of lines and winning combinations in a different and original bingo game.

Come to this bingo for the dead and discover everything you need to know about the online slot machine Calaca Party Bingo from MGA Games.

Calaca Party Bingo, a crazy night of the dead where bingo will be your greatest fun

Calaca Party Bingo is a different slot machine that we even find it hard to call online slot machines. We do not have prize figures, just some funny characters that accompany us throughout the game, including the bonus minigames. The graphic part is very careful, in fact, MGA stands out for being one of the great creators of online gambling, including original slots like this one. The sound is also very funny and takes us to a Mexican party on the night of the dead, where this bingo takes place.

At first the game seems to be very complex and confusing. We do not have reels or rows or prize figures, if not four Bingo cards. In the center of the screen we will see the drum with the 60 balls and from there 30 balls are extracted that are marked on the 4 cards. In this first turn, lines and combinations will be formed that we will see at the top of the screen with their prizes. The highest is always Bingo, which involves filling a card.

If we have not been able to sing bingo, we can buy balls. On the bass drum, once the 30 balls have appeared, another 13 balls will appear. If we want to see which numbers they hide, we will have to pay an extra for each one. One of them allows us to choose the number that best suits us from the 4 tickets to form a prize line, access a minigame or sing bingo. As we open them, the price will increase.

If in the first 30 balls we can sing bingo, we will receive the maximum prize of this machine, the jackpot.

The minigames are 3 and they are obtained with certain combinations on bingo cards. Bonus 1 is called 'La Sala'. We must collect objects that we see on display and that each one hides a prize. The game ends when all items have been selected or we see the word Exit. In the Truck we go to a raffle in which prizes hidden behind three windows will be raffled. You must select one and get the prize it hides. Bonus 3 is the Party, where in each round one, two or three musical notes will be given, each one has an associated prize. The prize you will receive will be the one accumulated in all rounds.

Finally, this game has a very high volatility since its rate of return to the player is 90.61%, far from 96% -98 % of other more favorable games.

La Calaca Party Bingo, our opinion

We have loved Calaca Party Bingo for everything in general. It is a different, fun and original game, but it involves a very low risk in the form of a return to the player. We must make really high stakes and take risks in order to have a great prize and experience an emotion as we can expect it in a bingo. If you are one of the players looking for quiet and low-risk games, Calaca Party Bingo is not for you.

Calaca Party is a 60-ball video bingo juice created by the Spanish company MGA in the Mexican style that you can play online with up to 4 tickets. To get prizes in this bingo game, the 30 numbers that come out of the drum must match one of 14 winning patterns. If when you draw numbers you see that you have little to win, you can buy up to 13 extra balls. This online bingo game offers 3 bonus mini-games - Room, Truck and La Fiesta that are accessed by filling in the bonus combinations and guarantee extra random prizes. MrCasinoSlots invites you to try the free bingo game in demo version.

ScreenPlay of Calaca Party Bingo

Calaca Party Bingo slot game
Calaca Party Bingo slot game
Calaca Party Bingo slot game
Calaca Party Bingo slot game
Calaca Party Bingo slot game

Big Win on Calaca Party Bingo

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RTP in Calaca Party Bingo

RTP rate of Calaca Party Bingo is 88%.

So what is RTp in Casino Slot games? The RTP percentage of a slot machine is one of the most important characteristics to consider before betting. The acronym RTP stands for “Return to Player”, and tells us how profitable a slot is, from MGA.

As we always say on, is the best way to see how online slot works & try it for free as Demo. That is why on our site you will find one of the most complete reviews with big wins of high quality and free slot machines, together with a lot of useful information to get the most out of your games.


Do I have to download Calaca Party Bingo to play online? ⤵

No! While the option to download Calaca Party Bingo exists, you can play the game online at directly from your desktop and mobile making it easier to access.

Who makes the Calaca Party Bingo online slot? ⤵

Calaca Party Bingo slot machine was created by the innovative game developer . With years of experience providing slot machines for land-based casinos, is a popular name in the world of casino gaming.

Is Calaca Party Bingo slot machine available to play for real money? ⤵

You can play for Calaca Party Bingo for real money online at some of the best casinos around the world. Sign up to one of our recommended online casinos, make a deposit, and start playing.

Is there a gamble feature on Calaca Party Bingo slot? ⤵

Yes! Calaca Party Bingo slots feature a gamble option where players can choose the colour and suite. Get this right and you can double your winnings!

What popular features does the Calaca Party Bingo slot include? ⤵

Calaca Party Bingo has 2 scatter symbols that can trigger free spins with a possibility to retrigger up to 80 free spins in one go. This could potentially lead to very big payouts!