Blackjack Strategies and Rules - Blackjack Guide

Discover the rules of blackjack. Make 21, probability, combination, role of the dealer. Different blackjack strategies and rules. How to win blackjack? All this is covered in this blackjack guide.

Posted on 18th April

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blackjack guide

Blackjack Strategies and Rules - Blackjack Guide

The rules of blackjack are very simple, so much so that blackjack game is a very popular gambling game worldwide that was born in France during the 17th century under the name of Vingt-et-un. The original name is directly linked to the aim of the game, namely to reach the p unteggio of 21 by adding the value of playing cards . Indeed, Vingt-et-un translated from French means "twenty one". Once landed in America, it was called blackjack. You can play also play blackjack online for free

In fact, the American variant rewarded the score of 21 obtained with Ace with the black Jack, or the Jack of spades. Today this variant has been abolished, but since then the game has kept the name of blackjack. The spread of this exciting card game has led it to be one of the most popular also in online casinos where many users entertain themselves to play blackjack online .

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Blackjack has become the number one casino game and this is due in no small part to the simplicity of the rules. However, even games with simple rules can create complex and confusing strategies. Just look at chess for instance. While blackjack strategy is nowhere near as complicated as that of chess, the chances are that every wrong move will result in you losing your hard-earned money. In that case it is a good idea to learn some of the basic tactics to avoid the most basic errors.

Depending on where you are playing, you may be able to surrender your hand for a loss of a percentage of you bet (typically around 50%). First, probably before you join the table, you should find out the rules about surrendering. If it is permitted, you are advised to surrender if you get a hand with a value of fifteen or sixteen. The case for surrendering is stronger if the dealer's card is a strong one i.e. 10 or ace. Don't forget that all this advice is based on averages so the first time you surrender it may turn out to be the wrong decision , but in the long-term this is a sure-fire way of saving your chips for a better hand.

If you dealer shows an ace card, you may have the option to accept an insurance bet. For a beginner the advice is simple – don't. You may see some high-level players take it and think that therefore it cannot be a bad thing, but at a basic level it just is not worth it. The fact is that online casinos introduced this option because it makes them heaps of cash – not to help you minimise your losses.

Now – a good problem! You have just been dealt a pair! You have heard about this and you know that you can split the cards and play two hands to double your chances. But now the thought hits you, should I split a pair of 10s; after all you have already got 20 – but then again you could have two winning hands of 20! The following is a rough guide:
  • Aces – always split
  • 10s – never split (so now you know!)
  • 9s – split against 2-6 and 8-9
  • 8s – always split
  • 7s and 6s – split if the dealer's card is lower
  • 5s – never split
  • 4s – split against 5-6
  • 3s and 2s – split against 2-7

If you are feeling confident with your hand, you can elect to double down on your hand. This is in effect doubling your bet on the the gamble that one more hit will give you a winning hand. Here is a basic guide:
  • Your hand is 11 – double except against an ace.
  • Your hand is 10 – double except against an ace or ten
  • Your hand is 9 – double against 3-6
  • Anything else – you can double but it's not recommended.

Game Scope

In order to play successfully, you need to know the rules of blackjack trying to get a score of 21 without "going bust" . That is, without exceeding this value which is the maximum threshold allowed by the game.

The value of playing cards in blackjack


In blackjack the rules of the game are not always the same . They differ in that both casinos can choose to play with one or more 52-card French decks . Jokers are however excluded from the game. All cards ranging from 2 to 10 will have a value corresponding to the card number. For example, the 5 of hearts will have a value of 5. While all the figures in the game - king, queen and jack - will all have a value of 10. The Ace instead can be worth both 1 point and 11 points.

It depends on the need the player has during his hand. Players do not need to specify the value they intend to attach to the Ace . In any case, the suit type of the cards has no effect on their value. For example, a 6 of hearts will have the same value as 6 of denarii.

Scoring in Blackjack

The rules of blackjack are very simple. This is why the game is appreciated by players who simply have to add up the value of each card. The Ace can be worth 1 or 11 points . To give a practical example, if you find yourself with a hand made up of cards 5, 7 and 9 you will have obtained 21 points. While a figure and a 9 are worth a total of 19 points.

With an Ace and a 7 then the points of your hand will be 18, here the Ace is worth 11. While with a 7, a 10 and an Ace the points will always be 18, here the Ace is worth 1. A hand that contains a Ace is called "soft" when both 1 and 11 are assigned to the Ace . Instead, a hand that contains an Ace is called "hard" when the Ace can only be attributed value 1 , because with value 11 it goes beyond 21.

Players in blackjack

The blackjack rules stipulate that a maximum of 7 players can sit at the blackjack game tables and take part in the game with the croupier . The croupier represents the dealer. Whatever the number of players sitting at the table, each of them will not play against the other players but exclusively against the dealer.

How the game of blackjack unfolds


A game of blackjack begins:
  • with players making their bets
  • the dealer also deals one card face up to each player
  • and finally he also distributes an open card to himself
  • then he repeats the operation, distributing exclusively a second card to all players
  • at this point the croupier reads the score totaled with the first two cards from each player in order from left to right
  • therefore, he invites them to manifest their game
  • players can ask for an additional card or to stay
  • players may ask for an additional card until they exceed 21 points.
  • In addition, they can still stop when they think they have the best possible hand.
  • when all players have completed their hand, the dealer will reveal their cards

Depending on his cards, the croupier will follow the blackjack rules for the dealer , which will indicate whether he should draw a card or stand.

The role of the croupier and the rules of blackjack


The blackjack rules are very precise about what the croupier's role is. The croupier must draw a card when his hand has a score less than or equal to 16, while when he exceeds 16 points he must stop.

As for players, even if the banker exceeds 21 points "bust" and must pay all the bets left on the table. In practice, the croupier has no choice to make during the play of his hand, as he must pull a card until he reaches at least 17 points or until he "busts" going above 21.

Once all the scores have been defined, those of the players and those of the banker, the croupier will proceed to a comparison, paying all the combinations higher than his own, collecting the lower ones and leaving the players the same ones. The blackjack regulation requires that the payout of winning bets is equal.

How to obtain a Blackjack

When a player manages to score 21 points with the first two cards received by the croupier, that is, by receiving an Ace (to which the value of 11 points will be attributed) and a ten or a figure, he gets the so-called "black jack" .

In this case the player is entitled to pay the winnings of 3 to 2, equal to one and a half times the stakes . A player's "blackjack" beats any dealer score, including a score of 21 with three or more cards, except for another dealer "blackjack".

In the event that the dealer also makes the "black jack" then the hand is considered equal.

Double Your Bet - Doubling Rule

Among the various options available to players during a game there is also the so-called double down , or the possibility of doubling your bet . This option can be exercised in the event that with the first two cards the player has obtained a score between 9 and 15 points. By calling the double down, the players agree to ask for a single card, after which they are forced to stop.

The split - Split rule

The blackjack rules allow players who receive the first two cards of the same value to split , or to split the hand into two separate hands and to play both of them simultaneously and independently of each other. After deciding to split, the player separates the two cards and add a bet of identical value to the first also on the second card. At this point the player finds himself with two first cards and the dealer adds one card on each of the two separate cards.

Online Casinos that offer Blackjack

blackjack online

Most online casinos that offer blackjack offer players some tables dedicated to blackjack, which differ from each other by the minimum and maximum betting limits . In addition, the various tables can have different game variations , such as that of keeping the first two cards face down instead of face up, or the quantity of the number of decks used.

The different variations of the online game have differentiated blackjack rules . It is therefore important to study the specific rules before starting to play.

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Some advice to get a winning hand

The rules of blackjack make this game very simple and affordable for everyone. But there are still some considerations to make to try to get as many winnings as possible. The best combination is "black jack" , which is the pair of starting cards made up of an Ace and a 10-point card, which allows you to score 21 points .

The most successful hand after blackjack is the one that scores 21 points with 3 or more cards . It will not always be possible to get 21 points, and in some cases it is necessary to follow the right game strategy , both in online blackjack and when playing sitting at a table.

In the event that the player finds himself with a 17-point hand, he should stay . If the player in the first two cards receives two 10-point cards, he will have to split to try to get 21 by drawing an Ace .

The same strategy is also valid if the first two cards are two eight or two Aces. Furthermore, when a player gets 11 points with the first two cards, it is advisable to double his bet.

Strategies to Win at Blackjack

Blackjack is defined by Italian law as a game of skill . Of course, most players do not apply any method of winning at blackjack and play by relying on luck or intuition. In fact, with a more methodological approach , online blackjack can also become a fairly secure systematic source of income. There is not only one method of winning at blackjak . In reality there are several, developed over time by applying statistical and mathematical principles to win at blackjack.

In blackjack the advantage is of the player

Statistically, blackjack gives the banker an advantage ranging from 0.90% to 1.50% . Very little if we think of the most famous lotto games where winning is practically impossible. In addition, by applying even the simplest method, this advantage for the bench is still reduced. Also, you don't need to be a mathematician to apply a method of winning at blackjack. The players are very supportive of each other in the challenge against the casinos and willingly make their methods and systems available to colleagues.

Counting cards at blackjack

blackjack counting cards

Some players resort to card counting to increase their chances of winning . In a nutshell, they try to keep track of the cards left and those still in play to analyze their chances of winning. These players prefer to play on tables with as few decks as possible to simplify counting.

It is important to note that in blackjack the deck of cards is shuffled only once at the start of the game and then no more. Until exhaustion of the cards themselves. Hence, it is easy to understand that from a certain moment on, it is possible to hypothesize even with negligible percentages of error which is the game of the dealer to beat him. Just keep track of the cards already out and those still in the deck .

How to count cards to win at blackjack?

There are different levels of card counting skills. We remind you that there are some manuals that teach the techniques that are easily found online, for example on Ebay or Amazon .

Where cards cannot be counted

In land-based casino you can not count cards . Unless you are a pure mathematician the counts to be made are too complicated. It would be too difficult to keep the calculations in mind and at the same time follow the progress of the game. In addition, if the dealers have only the inkling that you are trying some calculation, they will take you and accompany you to the door. Counting cards is not possible even in online casinos if you choose a classic or 3d mode . In these games the numerical sequences are managed by a computer and it is as if the deck is mixed with each new hand.

Cards can be counted in live online casinos

Instead, it is possible to count the cards in live online casinos , those managed by real dealers connected via webcam. You can even assist without betting, to test your ability to count cards . Choose to start a simple method like Hi Lo and see if the progress of the game matches your expectations. You can then go up system by system to get more and more precise indications on how to manage the bets and the request for additional cards.

Strategies for winning a blackjack by counting cards

Many books have been written about blackjack on techniques that can be used for card counting. Here is a list of the most famous and most used strategies we remember.

blackjack Strategy

Hi-Lo Strategy

hi lo system

Among the ways to win blackjack is the simplest . An amateur can use it profitably. It works with live blackjack , not with the classic one, where it is a generator of numerical series that defines the progress of the cards. Since it would be impossible to remember every single card that came out of the deck, we proceed with an account in broad lines. The following values ​​are attributed to the blackjack cards:
  • 7 -8 -9 -=0
  • 2- 3- 4- 5- 6=+1

It is a balanced system , because adding the 52 cards the value obtained is 0. At this point the player, to win, will be able, with a rough calculation, to guess the value of the cards still in the sabot. Also remembering that the number obtained must be divided by the number of decks used by the dealer. If the count is high, like +15, it means that there are still high cards in the sabot. By daring to win, you could easily get high. If the count gives a low number, then it means that the sabot has many low cards. So, you can dare to get as close as possible to 21, the winning value of blackjack.

The Hi-Lo Strategy is the basis of many other more complex systems used to win at blackjack.

KO Strategy

An unbalanced system : the sum of all the cards does not give 0, but +4. This system to win at blackjack tries to maintain the characteristics of a simple calculation, also within the reach of newbies, but making it more precise . It is in this sense a variant of the Hi Lo system, like all the other systems to win at blackjack that follow. The difference with the Hi Lo system is that here the number 7 has the value +1. To proceed with a count as precise as possible, which helps us understand if and when to stay or ask for a card to win, we must also take into account the number of decks. It is precisely the counting of the deck numbers that makes the calculation slightly more complicated. In the case of this system to win at blackjack no division is made, but simply the number obtained is added to the so-called key count:
  • +2 if 1 deck is used
  • +1 if 2 decks are used
  • -4 if 6 decks are used
  • -6 if 8 decks are used

If the card count is greater than the relative key count, the advantage is for the player.

Hi Opt 1 Strategy

Hi-Opt 1 Strategy

Hi Opt 1 systemSystem to win at blackjack that goes by the name of Highly Optimun is, as the name says, highly excellent, but also very complicated .

It is complicated for various reasons, which we are going to list, and for this reason it is recommended for expert players, who are already very familiar with the first two systems illustrated above. With Hi Opt 1 the cards with the same value are not the following, therefore you must have excellent memory to remember it with ease. In fact the values ​​are:
  • 10 and figures=-1
  • 3 -4 -5 -6=+ 1
  • 2- 7- 8- 9=0

Aces adjustment: the Hi Opt I system to win at blackjack attributes variable value to the aces, depending on the position they have in the sabot. If the ace comes out after the live room dealer has dealt ΒΌ of the cards it will have a +1 value. If instead two aces had come out of the ΒΌ of the deck the second would be worth 2.

The Hi OPt I system is valid in live blackjack that is played with only 1 deck.

Hi-Opt II Strategy

Hi-Opt II Strategy

System to win at blackjack is even more complicated than Hi Opt I and presupposes perfect knowledge of the system from which it derives, the Hi Opt I. It is a balanced system, where no card has a value of -1 and the sum of the sabot will give 0 The values ​​of each card:
  • 2 3- 6- 7=+ 1
  • 4- 5=+2
  • 8- 9- ace=0
  • 10 and figures=-2

Also in this system the ace of the deck has a separate count according to the penetration of the deck: the higher the percentage of the penetration of the deck when the ace comes out, the higher its value.

Deck penetration indicates the percentage of cards dealt before the deck is shuffled . It is obtained by multiplying the number of cards in the deck (52) by the number of total decks, divided by the number of cards already dealt.

Omega II Strategy

This system is only for professional blackjack players . It is a system for winning at blackjack that is so complicated that we naturally wonder: but do you really care?

Because if you are a professional blackjack player, serious and determined online casino aams and live room goers , then you will already know him.

If, on the other hand, you are players who also do other things in life and who want to have fun and maybe bring their luck with a little system, then it is useless to waste time petting your brain with such difficult things.

However: the system to win at blackjack called Omega II presupposes a remarkable knowledge of all the other systems that precede it.

The value of the cards is as follows:
  • 2- 3- 7-=+ 1
  • 4- 5- 6=+ 2
  • 9=-1
  • 10 and figures=-2
  • 8- axes=0

In reality the value of the aces is completely dancer because the card must be counted separately based on the penetration percentage of the deck. In order to achieve optimal penetration, it is necessary to have counted all the cards issued and divide the number by 52 and by the value of the count obtained. These calculations must be repeated with each hand, every time we have to make a decision regarding staying or drawing cards. If the count obtained is greater than 0, the advantage belongs to the player.

Red 7 Strategy

blackjack Strategy

Let's go back to the sphere of the possible. The system to win at Red 7 blackjack is quite simple , within everyone's reach and allows you to have an idea on how to proceed in the game, without taking away from the game fun and lightness .

The mathematical basis of this system eludes us, above all because it attributes a different value to 7 depending on whether it is red or black. Apart from that who uses this system speaks well of it and therefore we offer it to you.

The Red 7 system must be accompanied by basic blackjack strategies, those that, based on the score in hand, advise the attitude to be held. Ripassiamole:

5 to 8 in hand ask for card.
With 9 ask for card and double, especially if the dealer has 3 to 6.
With 10 and 11 double and ask for card. If the dealer has an ace, don't double down.

the Red 7 system attributes the following values ​​to the cards:

  • 3- 4- 5- 6=+1
  • 7 red=+1
  • 7 black=0
  • 8- 9=0
  • 10, ace figure=-1

Zen Count system

System to win at blackjack rather complicated, but not too much. It is balanced, and gives the aces a constant value regardless of their position in the deck, the percentage of penetration of the deck and the number of aces that have come out.

The values ​​attributed to the cards by the Zen system:

  • 2- 3- 7=+1
  • 4- 5- 6=+2
  • 8- 9-=0
  • 10- jack- regina- re=-2
  • ace=-1

The partial result obtained by counting the cards with these values ​​must be divided by the estimated number of decks, in this way the true count is obtained. When the true count reaches the overall positive value of +2, +3, +4. Then that's the time to raise the stakes; conversely, if the value of the true count drops to -1, -2, -3, then you must stand and bet the minimum accepted bet.

Is winning Blackjack Easy?

If, in addition to having fun in casinos, you also want to win - but then who doesn't want to win? Blackjack is the game for you. As we have seen, the rules of blackjack are easy and blackjack is not a disadvantageous game for the player. Not that with video poker, slots, roulette or baccarat you cannot win, but with these luck has a predominant weight, with blackjack instead it is above all the skill , or alternatively a good safe system. In this article, we can help you become a little more proficient by explaining the rules of blackjack, and provide you with the best ways to win.

Is it better to play online to win Blackjack?

Why is it easier to win by playing blackjack online? The MIT system to win at blackjack worries a lot the local casinos , whose earnings were rather limited, because it could force them to pay big winnings to the players. Today, by playing blackjack in an online casino all existing systems can be used to win simply by taking advantage of the blackjack rules which are simple and beneficial for the players.

Simple rules and safe strategy to Win

The rules of blackjack are extremely simple and after a couple of games, perhaps in for fun mode with no real money , you will already be able to show some skill to win.

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