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Posted on 18th April

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roulette guide

Ten Tips to improve your roulette play

As you know, a game of roulette is based largely on your luck. Whereas tips cannot tell you which bets to place or when to play a game, there are some useful tips on strategy that can limit the damage you do to your bank balance. Here’s some of the top tips I’ve accumulated over the years.
  • 1. Don’t use “dear” money Simply put, “dear” money is the cash that you are going to need in the near future or really can’t afford to lose. Although this isn’t specific to roulette but rather applies to gambling as a whole, you should never use a game to pay for any financial trouble you are in – you are very likely to find yourself swallowed up by debt. Gambling should be for fun and enjoyment, not to pay off your bills.
  • 2. Don’t kid yourself In a game of roulette, the odds are stacked against you. The online casinos have an advantage of at least 5.25%, which means that hardcore gamblers should give the roulette table a very wide berth. This list of tips will not include ways to win the game, but rather ways to manage your gambling money as effectively as possible.
  • 3. Manage your money When playing the game for a long time, you are very likely to lose money. The best advice I can give is to set yourself a limit in mind of how much you are happy with losing – once you’ve reached that amount, walk away from the table and don’t be tempted to return. Similarly, it’s best to put some of the money that you’ve won aside and not re-gamble it: then, at the end of the night, you’ll have done better than you initially thought.
  • 4. Find a standard betting unit Confused? A standard betting unit is the amount that you’re willing to lose in the whole night divided by however many games you want to play. The best idea is to divide the number by ten or twenty, as this will usually be easy to work out and keep track of. It’s your choice whether you spend a standard betting unit in one game or spread it out over various games, but never go over the amount.
  • 5. There are no ‘winning strategies’ Every spin of a roulette wheel will yield a complete random result, so do not be taken in by any indication that previous spins will influence future spins. No matter what someone claims, there is no way that you can predict what is going to happen in a random spin.
  • 6. Lose slowly To get the most enjoyment out of a game of roulette, lose slowly – don’t place a huge bet on one spin. Your disadvantage over the casino will always remain the same, but your odds of winning will always be highest on an outside bet.
  • 7. Lose quickly There is only a single bet that will give the house a bigger advantage than the regular 5.26% - a combination bet of 0-00-1-2-3. If you want to get out of the casino fast, place this bet.
  • 8. Know how to win big As your game will be completely reliant on good luck, place your biggest bets on the largest payoff results. Single numbers offer a 35:1 payout, two numbers is 17:1 and a three number is 11:1.
  • 9. Positive Progression Place your standard betting unit on the largest probability bet. If you win, place a 50% higher bet on the next game. Repeat to win big – when you lose, revert to the single unit.
  • 10. European Roulette The online casino's advantage in a game of European roulette is only 2.7%, opposed to the regular 5.26%. This is because there is only one nought, not two. Very few American casinos offer this game, but if they do make sure you play this version. You can find online roulette at almost every online casino, such as 22bet Casino.

Roulette Rules and Strategies

Many players try to win at roulette which with its rules and strategies is called "The Queen of the Casino". Roulette is one of the most popular gambling games in the world that excites players not only in real casinos, but also in online casinos with roulette.


The purpose of the game

The aim of the roulette game is to be able to predict in which number the ball will land . To do this you can make different bets following the roulette rules, each of which will guarantee more or less chance of winning. Obviously to be successful in this game you need to be aware of the rules of roulette , but to understand them you need to know what the tools of the game are, namely the wheel and the game table.

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The different types of roulette

Following the various historical transformations, different types of this game have emerged over the years . The main three are French Roulette (single zero roulette) , American Roulette (double zero roulette) and English Roulette. All versions of the roulette have common basic rules.

roulette comparison

French Roulette and English Roulette (European Roulette)

They have a total of 37 squares , with the numbering starting from "zero" up to 36. In French Roulette and English Roulette the house advantage is 2.7%

American Roulette

In American Roulette there are 38 boxes because, both on the wheel and on the table, there is also a "double zero". In American Roulette, because of the double zero, the house advantage is 5%.

Wheel and display board configuration

Inside the wheel, the number boxes are colored alternately in red and black , while the zero and double zero boxes are colored green . The number boxes inside the wheel follow a random order .

roulette Wheel configuration

All the numbers on the wheel are also shown on the game table . Arranged on the scoreboard in numerical order in rows of 3, starting from number 1 to reach 36. The "zero" and possibly the "double zero" are located at the top of the scoreboard. On the sides there are boxes that allow you to place bets on special combinations .

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Roulette rules

Casino roulette rules allow players to bet both inside the rectangle containing the game numbers and outside the rectangle . In fact, you bet both inside the rectangle containing the game numbers, and outside the rectangle, where there are various boxes for special bets. There are many special bets , the classic bets are red and black, or even and odd bets . The classification of these bets is very simple, since while the outside bets are those in which you place the bet outside the grid containing the numbers.

The course of the game

roulette croupier

The game begins with the croupier who invites all players to make their bets by saying the classic phrase make your game Gentlemen:

  • after allowing time to place his bets, the croupier spins the wheel and then throws the ball. To do this, place the ball on the upper edge of the concave part of the wheel and then give a decisive blow
  • when the ball starts to slow down its run, the croupier will pronounce the phrase "Rien ne vas plus!" . Thus informing the players that from that moment "the bets are no longer valid" (a bet outside the maximum time would not be valid according to the roulette rules)
  • as soon as the ball has stopped, the croupier will announce the winning number out loud
  • also, place a marker on the winning number. It also indicates what the simple chances (red-black, even-odd, etc.) associated with the number are
  • then the losing bets are removed from the table
  • therefore, the winners are paid based on the bets placed

Winning Odds and Chances for the Roulette wheel

Depending on the different types of bets, the chances of winning vary and consequently also the odds of winning . Considering that N is the quantity of numbers included in the chosen combination:
  • in French roulette the odds are equal to (36 / n) -1
  • in American roulette the odds are equal to (37 / n) -1

Roulette Game Strategy

Even in roulette, as in most gambling games, statistics are in favor of the dealer . This is why there is no strategy to be adopted to succeed.The strategy to winSo it is natural that those who play roulette following the rules take into account that they can lose money, but the important thing is not to lose in a stupid way.
  • First thing to do: establish the budget
  • Second thing to do: establish game time

Based on these two variables, the player will then have to choose their game tactics. That is, the way he intends to spend his money, perhaps by investing ¼ of his budget on the dry bets on the single numbers, ¼ on the color, ¼ on the corners and ¼ on the "first 12".

In this way, by differentiating the various bets according to the type , the players will have different chances of winning which will make the game of roulette more pleasant and interesting.

Hot numbers and late numbers

The beauty of this game is that the rules of roulette allow you to bet as you like. Some players try to win by betting on the "hot numbers" , or the numbers just released. Other players instead opt for the "late numbers" , ie those who have not been out for a long time, because statistics say that sooner or later they will have to go out . Still others choose to bet on multiple numbers simultaneously , thus increasing their chances of winning, but at the same time decreasing the amount of any winnings.

Good Strategies to Win Roulette

The most valid roulette systems try to apply statistical rules to the game and give the player who methodically uses them the certainty of always winning , even if little by little. It is necessary to constantly apply the systems to win even if this could take away some of the spectacle from the action of playing the roulette because everything must be carefully checked and weighed.

The statistics behind the systems for winning Roulette

But the statistics can help us: if not to break, at least to limit the losses, put aside many small wins, more numerous than the losses, and play for a long time without having to reset the badget. Statistics, however, is not math . The statistical i n tell trends, makes some assumptions . Plausible things, not certain. Statistics can help you win French roulette games even if you put yours on it.

List of the best ways to win at roulette

roulette Strategy

Among the best ways to win at roulette are:

Biloxi Strategy

They say it was a Kansas City sheriff, Joe Biloxi, who invented it. It offers the player the opportunity to win often , but little, and also to play for a long time .

It is a Strategy that provides for the initial availability of a small reserve, also to initially bear the losses, doubling the stakes. In practice we try to bet on as many numbers as possible simultaneously.

How it works: the Biloxi Strategy features 6 coins on the first and third columns and a coin on the horses 8 - 11; 7 - 20; 26 - 29.

In the event of a loss, the next bet should be doubled. As always , European and French roulette is preferable to American , because of the double zero.

This is one of those simple systems : used by amateurs, but also by professional players ; it does not have a big memory, the bet is always repeated on the same numbers, only the number of coins bet changes.

Biloxi had seen us right!

Columns Strategy

This system for winning at French roulette is also very simple : no complicated calculations or annotations of any kind are needed. It will be sufficient to bet a coin on the second column, to the bitter end and, in addition, a coin on one of the other two.

Whenever a number from the first column comes out, the second column will be scored in the next round. Like many other systems applied to roulette, this too has the aim of covering as many coins as possible with as many numbers as possible on the board .

The column Strategy does not provide for doubling and this is an additional advantage, because doubling is very risky for those who do not have an unlimited badget. In addition, the tables have a betting limit, so even an unlimited badget may not be enough to cover too many losses.

Dozen Strategy

Here is another of the ways to win little but often at French roulette. This time we focus on the dozen, who pay 2: 1 and divide the board into three sectors. You start by betting a coin on the first triplet, that is, on the numbers from 1 to 12. If the win comes, the next bet is the same. If the win is missing, the next bet, doubled, takes place to chase the winning triplet.

Also this Strategy has the advantage of being very simple to use ; provides for the doubling, but only if the win does not materialize. Roulette is a particular game: after the first spin all subsequent bets take place in pursuit of the latecomers. The more you go on with the throws the fewer late numbers remain. In the dozen system, however, there is the idea, or the hazard, that two numbers of the same dozen will come out on the roulette at least twice in succession.

Zero Strategy

The number zero, let's face it, breaks the boxes a bit. On French roulette, zero represents the house advantage , because although there are 37 numbers on the wheel due to zero, a dry number is paid only 36 times. This system takes zero head-on and, as a disadvantage for the player, tries to turn zero into a winning score .

Of course, it is French, or European, roulette that is the only one with which to use this system to win; American roulette is to be avoided, always, because it even has 2 zeroes. A coin, fixed to the bitter end, is aimed at zero; two others focus on the dozen on its sides.

Here we assume and play the run-up: if a column number comes out, we keep the same column for the next round; if the opposite happens, the winning column is chased, doubling the bet. The dry number is paid 36 times: this system bets that that dry number will be zero!

Dozens And Columns Strategy

roulette Dozens And Columns Strategy

Both the Dozens And Columns are paid 2 to 1. This is one of the systems that do not provide for doubling in case of failure to win and that, therefore, can also be played with a limited badget at the start.

You win little, but statistically often enough . The dozen column system is classified as a simple system : a coinis placedon the column and at the same time on the dozen of the last number released on the French roulette. For example, the number 3 comes out: a coin will be bet on the first dozen (from 1 to 12) and on the third column.

If he came out on the 27th the column would be rewarded; but if it were 3, the 6, 9 or 12 would also be awarded at the same time the dozen and the chips to be won would be 6 (4 +2). Like all the other statistical systems for winning at French roulette, Colonna Dozzina also tries to rationally organize the player's bets, which in the absence of the scoreboard and any method, would occur in bulk and in too chaotic a way.

Labouchere Strategy

roulette Labouchere Strategy

Here is a rather risky Strategy , to be used carefully, perhaps trying it several times with a for fun version of French roulette. Write down a sequence of numbers, as inspiration takes you.

Now start betting; attention: make simple bets, at 50%! Red or Black, even and odd, high and low: in this way you will reduce the risk even if you limit the amount of winnings.

Let's say that the sequence you thought of is 2 1 6 8 4 1 3 8. Bet on red, or odd, or high, a number of coins equal to the sum of the first and last numbers, then 10. If you win, delete the numbers and continue until you get to the end of the numbers.

If the win is not there, add a number to the sequence, change the terms of the bet: black, even, high and bet again the sum between the first and the last number. It is one of the strangest methods , its statistical basis eludes us ; some self-styled scientists claim that with 33% of winnings the system makes a lot of enrichment. For us, the risk is not worth the candle, in the sense that things can really get out of hand, better simpler methods.

Martingale Strategy

roulette Martingale Strategy

There he is! Finally we have reached the mythical Martingale System! There are those who love it , those who say it makes immense fortunes win and those who hate it and advise against it to anyone and in any case . The concept of martingale was introduced into probability theory by Paul Pierre Lévy .

The truth lies in the middle: the martingale system offers objective chances to win a lot and relies on statistical laws , like the other systems.

Except that it is not for the subtle: do you want to win a lot at roulette? Receive looks full of envy from playmates and admiration from the ladies sitting next to you? You have to take a lot of risk .

Which is the truth, plain and simple. However, we advise you to stay and experiment for a long time with the Martingale system with free roulette without real money. How does it work?

By betting on red or black, even or odd and high or low, you double your bets every time you lose, leave them unchanged every time you win. Winnings with higher stakes will compensate for losses.

It's true, but there are myths to dispel. Statistics don't always hit the spot: if the payout didn't come after 10 rounds of French roulette in a row, would you be able to cover the system in this case? Also be careful if you play in online casinos that often have betting limits, they could therefore prevent you from betting too high figures to make up for more consecutive losses.

Fibonacci Strategy

roulette Fibonacci Strategy

To win at French roulette with the Fibonacci Strategy you must have either a huge fortune , or a huge capital .

What then, moreover, having luck or capital you win in any way, at any game! In this system the Fibonacci sequence is used: 0 1 1 2 3 5 8 13 21 34 55 89; where, apart from the first two, the others are always the sum of the previous two.

Bet 1, if you lose bet one again, if you lose bet 2 and then 3 and then 5…. If you want to use it, do it only on simple bets: black red, odd even, high low.

And always remember that Fibonacci, with his series of numbers, was not looking for a Strategy to win at French roulette, but a method for explaining the reproduction of rabbits. So if you have rabbits to reproduce, the Fibonacci method is made especially for you, for any other use, be careful!

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