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Honest review of Comabt Masters online slot. A different game available in the best online casinos in Spain.

Title: Combat Masters
Provider Skywind Group
Release Date2020-09-27
Hit Freq N/A
Reels 7
Rows 5
TypeVideo Slots
Max Winx1000.00/200
Min / Max 1
Available Desktop / Mobile
Last Updated2021-05-21

Combat Masters: Slot Review

Combat Masters

The Combat Masters online slot is more than just a simple slot, it is an adventure game where luck awaits us as we travel from one kingdom to another. Skywind, a little-known online gambling creator, surprised us this summer of 2020 with a superlative, immense online casino game from which we wanted to analyze everything to bring you everything you need to know before enjoying it in the best online casinos. .

Combat Masters online slots: the path of the hero and the fortune of the winner

There are bad, boring, good, fair, excellent, spectacular online slots and then there is Combat Masters . A totally original game, without a doubt that it is one of the revelations of the year and that both for its aesthetics and its game dynamics, will not leave anyone indifferent.

After an introductory video of the game in which we are shown what awaits us, we find a game with impeccable graphics and fast-paced music that will accompany us throughout the game. If all this is not enough, each world is represented by a set. The initial is from the marine phone, in which we are on the deck of a sunken pirate ship.

The dynamics of the game

We recognize it: at first the game seems very complex and It must be said that the learning curve is somewhat higher than in other games. What cannot be denied is originality.

This game is divided into game screens by levels that we will go through as we win prizes and defeat our enemies. Each game screen is divided into two parts. At the bottom there is a game screen of 7 reels by 5 rows in which we will receive a prize if we join a minimum of 5 equal figures. There are a total of 6 game figures ordered by colors: white, green, blue, pink, lilac and red. The minimum prize is x15 the bet for 5 equal figures of white color and a maximum of x200000 for +20 figures of red color, fire. So far, a normal and current dynamic of a cascade type candy crush slot machine.

The upper part is the combat one. There are a total of 8 worlds:

Each of these worlds has 6 levels to which we will go as we defeat our adversaries. There are a total of 19 opponents whose level of difficulty is increasing. To beat them and be able to pass the level we must chain victories in the slot machine and land a blow with the sword that will steal life. When the opponent is defeated by KO, we will go to the next level. On the contrary, if we shoot and we do not obtain a prize, our adversary will attack us recovering life. The strongest blows can be delivered with a victory greater than 25x the bet. Once the 7 enemies have been overcome, we will go to the next world achieving one of the bonus functions. If you manage to overcome the 8 worlds, you will have at your disposal all the extra functions and you will earn a level of mastery.

The bets on this very original slot range from a minimum of 1 credit per spin to 200 credits per shot. The volatility of this slot is medium, its theoretical RTP being 96.07%.

Extras and bonuses

The complex part of this game is in the bonuses, which are quite a lot and that we will try to explain briefly.

The first is the glass bridge. When we manage to complete a world we will have to choose between different crystals to achieve a prize. You will have two extra opportunities to choose another crystal and exchange your prize for another, but always keeping the last one you have discovered. Follow the magician's advice to optimize your prize.

Wild Wild symbols do not appear in this game as a figure, but as a bonus that is activated every time we achieve 16 or more winning symbols. In the Wild there are 3 levels:

The wilds will always be placed in the way that is easier to achieve a prize.

Finally, each of the worlds has a function that is it will throw randomly in plays in which there is no prize. Every time we go to another world, a new one will be added to our collection of functions that will accompany us throughout the game. The functions are:

Combat Masters online slots: conclusions

This is a slot machine with a Wow effect: Wow because of its graphics, because of its originality, because of its random bonus functions and wow because It has not been too difficult for us to win awards. Of course: being low volatility, we have achieved small but recurring prizes. Without a doubt a slot that we must try and that we need to recommend as one of the best of 2020.

Play as a mighty warrior and travel the worlds of the Combat Masters Slot Machine developed by Skywind and released in July 2020. You will progress through various environments as you play and battle with monsters will take place above the screen, you will have to shoot them by earning your spins to continue your quest through 8 worlds, a map will show you your progress and bonuses are to be collected on the way to lead you closer and closer to victory .

The Combat Masters slot machine is a bit like one of those role-play video games, discover an impressive cinematic that will immerse you in the skin of this knight and find an interface composed of 7x5 reels where you will have to align 5 or more identical symbols vertically or horizontally to win. The winning symbols will disappear to make room for the following ones and give you chances to win several times in a row. The game's RTP is 96.07%.

Fight to annihilate your opponent in each world
With each winning spin, you will hit your opponent and his life bar will decrease, a losing spin can generate a blow from your opponent, he will then recover life but if you succeed in creating a Big Win equivalent to 25x your stake or more, the monster will be defeated. If you manage to defeat your opponent you will progress to the next level and be able to fight another monster, if you manage to kill them all and finish all 8 worlds in the Combat Masters game you will unlock all bonus features and return to level 1. Opponents may have low, medium or high health levels represented by the star number below two.

Cross the crystal bridge to each new world
The Crystal Bridge connects each world, you will play the Crystal Bridge Bonus every time you complete a level. In this bonus, it will be necessary to choose one of the crystals displayed on the screen, and you will be able to discover a reward, the magician will be able to advise you in your choice in order to opt for the optimal strategy.

You will start with the Deep Sea world in the depths of the ocean, then you will continue your quest towards Mechanica, through the jungle in Jungle and into the earthly depths on Lavadrome. Then, join the Floating Islands, the enchanted forest in Enchanted Forest, the deserts in Canyonlands to end up in an icy environment on Polaris.

Activate the Wild Power and cover the screen with Wilds
Wild Power is a bonus function triggered when 16 or more symbols explode in a spin, it has 3 levels where you can accumulate 3, 5 or 10 Power Wilds. Once the level is reached the Wild Power bonus will start, and the crown-shaped Wilds will be added to the screen randomly, they can generate other winning combinations.

Advance through the worlds and trigger new bonuses
One of the powers Power-ups can be activated during a losing spin in order to potentially turn it into a winner. In each world, a new power is unlocked, and once it is activated, it will be available in all subsequent worlds. The more you progress, the more you will have a good level and better powers in Combat Masters.

Paint Bucket : Transform all symbols from one color to another color, available in the Deep world Sea.

Thunderbolt : Hit the screen on the corners to transform the symbols on its way into a symbol of the same type, available in the Mechanica world.

Super Nova : Explode all symbols side by side in a side-by-side 4x4 grid where the symbol appears, available in the Jungle world.

Wild Tornado : Traverse reels and shuffle all symbols randomly, available in Lavadrom world.

Giant Bomb : Select 2 random colors and remove all symbols of those colors creating empty spaces for new ones symbols, available worldwide Floating Islands.

Magic Flask : Transform up to 10 symbols into the same type, available in the Enchanted Forest world.

Flaming Dynamite : Explodes from 3 to 5 vertical or horizontal lines creating empty spaces for new symbols, available in the Canyonlands world .

Hot Lava Ball : Burn up to 9 symbols in the game creating empty spaces for new symbols, the process can be repeated multiple times, available in the Polaris world.

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RTP in Combat Masters

RTP rate of Combat Masters is 96.07%.

So what is RTp in Casino Slot games? The RTP percentage of a slot machine is one of the most important characteristics to consider before betting. The acronym RTP stands for “Return to Player”, and tells us how profitable a slot is, from Skywind Group.

As we always say on, is the best way to see how online slot works & try it for free as Demo. That is why on our site you will find one of the most complete reviews with big wins of high quality and free slot machines, together with a lot of useful information to get the most out of your games.


Can I play Combat Masters for free online? ⤵

Yes, you can! Combat Masters is available to play for free on MrCasinoSlots with no need to download or register. You can choose between your desktop or any mobile device.

Does the Combat Masters online slot have an autoplay feature? ⤵

Yes! Like most Skywind Group slots, it does have an autoplay feature. The Combat Masters online slot features an autoplay function which can be paused by clicking stop or when a bonus game is triggered.

Can I claim a no deposit bonus to play Combat Masters slot machine? ⤵

While we cannot say yes for sure, we can steer you towards the best no deposit bonuses. All bonus offers are linked to safe, trusted casinos, and you may find Combat Masters online slot available to play, too.

Why should I play the Combat Masters slot machine? ⤵

Combat Masters is a classic online slot that gives the best online slot experience. Learn more about the different types of slot machines and discover just how simple and easy this game is to play.

Does Combat Masters have a free spins bonus? ⤵

Yes, it does! During the bonus round you will be asked to choose between 9 symbols which reveals the multiplier symbol during this round. You are then given 10 free spins with various payouts.