Vinci La Gallina Slot ᐈ Free Demo Play, RTP, Review

Skywind Group surprises us with the most simple and fun version of slots that can be made. We tell you in detail Vinci la Gallina in our review.

Title: Vinci La Gallina
Provider Skywind Group
Release Date2020-09-08
Hit Freq N/A
Reels 3
Rows 1
TypeVideo Slots
Max Winx500.00/300
Min / Max 0.01
Available Desktop / Mobile
Last Updated2021-05-21

Vinci La Gallina: Slot Review

Vinci La Gallina

Digital slot machines increasingly add more and more complex rules, Skywind Group has wanted to surprise by turning these concepts around with what can be the simplest and most gratifying machine. We tell you what makes Vinci la Gallina so special, a slot machine already available in the best online casinos.

Jump over the field gate and discover with us the prizes you can get at Vinci la Gallina.

Vinci la Gallina online slots, a simplified experience full of prizes

Vinci la Gallina may be the simplest online casino slot machine we have ever seen, it is something that has been visible from its interface. With the buttons for bet, spin, automatic spin and two quite important additions, the cashpot and the collect. The machine has hardly any animations or brilliant graphic work, it works within this simplicity very well. The music does not even exist, everything is effects of prizes or loss of these.

But let's go to the important thing, what makes this online machine so special. The first thing is that we only have 1 roller in sight, yes, only one and with a single row in which one of the 5 figures can appear or stay halfway. Above this reel there are 3 prize columns, each with one of the prize figures and above the 3 an arrow and the maximum prize. Let's explain the figures to better understand how it works:

The 3 prize figures are a horseshoe (low value), a star (medium) and a bell (high). Each time one of these figures appears, the first bottom row of the corresponding column lights up, and all of them add prizes. If they reach the maximum of the column, each time that figure appears you will automatically get the maximum prize of the column without having to collect the amount. When the amount is collected, all the columns return to their normal position, the same happens if the fox appears, which in addition to resetting the prizes empties the cashpot. Finally, the chicken is equivalent to the 3 figures, adding the prize in the 3 columns.

This simple operation makes it quite exciting, since you have to play it a lot and see large prizes lost before you can reach the prize higher. Remaining in the hands of the player whether to collect little by little or trust their luck.

If we add to this a maximum volatility and a fairly high RTP, 97.61%, they make it a good machine for try something different without risking too much, although the risk depends a lot on the player. The prizes range from 1 to 500 times the value of the bet, which being between 0.10 and 300 coins, leaves the maximum jackpot in a prize of up to € 150,000,000. Not bad for such a simple slot machine.

Vinci la Gallina, our verdict

This simple slot machine has surprised us with a very particular way of playing with which you can easily get winnings If you act conservatively and calmly, although it opens the door for high rollers to try their luck by risking prizes already won to go for higher ones.

The Vinci La Gallina casino game developed by Skywind and released in April 2020 is not a slot machine game like the ones we usually come across, the concept is different but just as entertaining, with an excellent RTP of 97.61%, of a boosted volatility to the maximum and of an interface composed of a 3-row reel, you will put all the chances on your side to win great rewards.

The objective of the game is to obtain one of the 3 symbols displayed positioned in the center of the roller, the horseshoe, the star or the bell will allow you to win a certain amount depending on the number of times you have discovered it. Progress more and more up the price scale, the longer you wait, the bigger you will win. Keep spinning to reach the Top Bonus Cash but watch out for the wolf, he could reset the price scale! Accumulate the prizes and collect it whenever you want. The Chicken is a Wild symbol and will move up a level on each price scale when it occurs on the reel. The wolf is a symbol to be avoided at all costs so as not to have to start the ascent again!

When the 3 spins are at the maximum, the big reward is won, it is the Bonus Prize.

The slot machine game Vinci La Gallina takes the player on a journey through the world of the farm, a large green space is visible in the background with the blue sky, trees and some wheat fields. The hen and the wolf are the two protagonists of the game that will make your game crazier anytime you want.

If you needed a change of scenery this is the perfect place to stay for the next few moments, play Vinci La for free. Gallina and opt for a bet between € 0.01 to € 300 per spin.

For an even crazier experience, land on the dAinsworth and snatch the wins in this casino game based on the animals of the closed !

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Expert Review Vinci La Gallina Slot

Enjoy a new day in nature with the farm animals and win prizes of up to 500 in Vinci La Gallina, a new slot machine from Skywind.

It features a 3 × 1 reel and single reel interface win line. You can bet a maximum of 300 on each spin.

Each of the three towers corresponds to a symbol. Every time the symbol lands on the reel, it highlights a level of cash in your tower, all cash accumulates in the ATM.

You can pick up the ATM immediately or continue collecting to win the main prize If all levels of the tower are highlighted and another corresponding symbol lands on the reel, you will win the highest level cash prize in the tower.

When all three towers are highlighted, the main prize is awarded. The towers remain highlighted and the ATM full, so if any symbol lands on the reel, it will win the highest level cash prize of the corresponding tower.

The main prize can be won again by itself after collecting the ATM and refilling all the towers from 0

ScreenPlay of Vinci La Gallina

Vinci La Gallina slot game

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Best Casinos offering Vinci La Gallina

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300 Free Spins
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Vinci La Gallina slot machine

RTP in Vinci La Gallina

RTP rate of Vinci La Gallina is 97.61%.

So what is RTp in Casino Slot games? The RTP percentage of a slot machine is one of the most important characteristics to consider before betting. The acronym RTP stands for “Return to Player”, and tells us how profitable a slot is, from Skywind Group.

As we always say on, is the best way to see how online slot works & try it for free as Demo. That is why on our site you will find one of the most complete reviews with big wins of high quality and free slot machines, together with a lot of useful information to get the most out of your games.


Who makes the Vinci La Gallina online slot? ⤵

Vinci La Gallina slot machine was created by the innovative game developer Skywind Group. With years of experience providing slot machines for land-based casinos, Skywind Group is a popular name in the world of casino gaming.

Is it safe to play Vinci La Gallina online slot for real money? ⤵

Playing real money slots is very safe when you're using a licensed and reputable casino from our recommended casinos list. We do all the research, so you don't have to!

Where can I play Vinci La Gallina slot machine on mobile? ⤵

Yes! You can play Vinci La Gallina at any online casino that offers the Skywind Group library of slot games on mobile devices. Take a look at the best real money mobile casino sites that offer games on smartphones across Windows, iOS and Android.

Who created Vinci La Gallina online slot? ⤵

Cleopatra slot machine was created by Skywind Group, which is rated as one of the best game providers in the world. You can spin on thousands of their slots at the most popular online casinos.

How do I deposit money to play Vinci La Gallina for real money? ⤵

There are a variety of options for depositing real money safely and securely. All reputable online casinos will take credit and debit cards, among other secure online payment methods. You will be amazed at how quick and easy it is, too!