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Divine Showdown is a video slot where you can increase your chances thanks to its special features.

Title: Divine Showdown
Provider Play'n GO
Release Date2019-12-19
Hit Freq N/A
Reels 5
Rows 3
TypeVideo Slots
Max Winx5000.00/100
Min / Max 0.2
Available Desktop / Mobile
Last Updated2021-05-21

Divine Showdown: Slot Review

Divine Showdown is exactly what it sounds like, and you'll be able to see epic battles unfold between the 4 different gods that inhabit this Play'n Go creation. The gods come from very different lore and time periods, and It's not often that you'll see such completely different gods crammed into one single Video Slot (hence all the fights).

Either way, it is is what makes the game somewhat original, and it all takes place on 5 reels, 3 lines and 20 paylines. You can place bets between 20p and 100 € per spin on all devices, and you had better be mentally prepared for a fairly volatile experience with this game. It scores 10 out of 10 points on Play's own volatility scale. n Go, and that might be too brutal for some casual gamers.

On the upside, you'll get a lot of different bonus features here, and a random multiplier of up to 10x could come to life with every spin. There is also a power repulsion feature where the special power of each god could happen to you. The main attraction is the epic god free spins battles, where you can choose your favorite god to fight to your advantage. A game well done where you can win up to 5,000 times your stake.

Divine Showdown theme and symbols.

Game provider Play'n GO has chosen a unique theme and interesting. The theme is all around 4 gods competing against each other. You end up in an old town with mountains, snow, old buildings, and swords in the ground all over the place. At the Divine Showdown Slot Machine, you will meet Thor, Anubis, Athena, and Wukong. These 4 Supreme Gods make it exciting for you as a player when you spin the reels.

The theme of the Divine Showdown Slot Machine is well developed. You will find beautiful symbols and a nice background at the Divine Showdown Slot Machine. Once the game loads, you will see the mountains in the background. There is snow on it and everywhere you see big swords stuck in the ground. Old buildings can be seen and everything looks gray. You are playing Divine Showdown Slot Machine with beautiful elements that fit well into the theme.

You will also find beautiful symbols on the reels of Divine Showdown Slot Machine. Among other things, you can make the four supreme gods appear as symbols on the reels. When you spin the reels, you will also come across card symbols. At the letter A you will find, among other things, a golden Anubis, at number 10 you will find blue diamonds and each card symbol has something with it. Game provider Play'n GO has done a great job on the Divine Showdown slot theme.

How to play Divine Showdown?

Do you want to place a bet on the Divine Showdown Slot Machine? Then, it is important that you prepare yourself. You need to know how the game works and what to do as a player. If you are playing the Divine Showdown Slot Machine, you will encounter a minimum number of buttons. These buttons are found at the bottom of the reels. It quickly becomes clear and very easy to use the Divine Showdown Slot Machine.

Have you loaded the Divine Showdown Slot? Then you can start playing the game. You can play the Divine Showdown Slot Machine by placing a bet. Placing a bet is very easy. You can do this with the digital line at the bottom of the reels. With the minus button you can decrease the stake. If you want to increase the bet, you have to use the plus button. The minimum bet is € 0.20 per spin. You can place a maximum of € 100 per spin.

After placing a bet you can spin the reels of the Divine Showdown Slot Machine. You can do this by clicking on the green round button with the white arrows on it. By spinning the reels, you can form combinations and make a profit. You have a chance to win every round and it quickly creates the necessary tension. Good to know is that after each spin you have the option to change the bet. So you always play with a bet of your choice.

Bonus features.

Above the reels, to the left of the game logo, you will see a stone frame with a diamond shaped light in the middle. It is actually a multiplier counter, and it can become active on any given spin. You will then receive a multiplier boost between 2x and 10x, and you never know when the gods will give you a chance.

You cannot have a game with 4 very different gods and without divine characteristics. Luckily, each of the 4 Gods has their own Super Power on the Divine Showdown slot, and whenever they feel like it, they'll be summoned and given you a Power Spin. Essentially, you'll get a respin where you'll get one of the following reel modifiers:

Free Spins in Divine Showdown.

This game's free spins feature is triggered when you land 3 scatter symbols on the same spin. The scatter is a combination of the 4 gods into one powerful symbol, and now they have to show what they are made of.

You can choose any of the 4 gods to represent you in the epic battle that is going to go to play. Your chosen god will be standing next to your left of the reels, and you'll also notice a spinning combat reel during the free spins showdown feature.

You start with 3 lives, and the battle reel decides if you will fight with another god, or if you get a free ride. If the reel lands on "spin" you get a free spin, and you can also benefit from the random multiplier feature during bonus spins.

If you have to fight another god, don't do not sweat it, because you can benefit greatly from it. You will see symbols of power falling from above, representing each god, and the god with the most symbols of power will win the duel. If your god loses, his function is played on the next free spins and you lose a life as well. If your god wins, his function is played and the function only ends when you have lost all 3 lives.

What is the jackpot (maximum payout)?

You can't win just any jackpot on Divine Showdown, but you can still take home sweet wins. The game's maximum win is 5,000 times your stake, which is pretty solid even for a very volatile game. Play with the highest possible stake level and you can win up to Β£ 500,000 in a single spin here.


When a developer goes this far with one theme, the rest of the game really needs to step up. In some ways Play'n GO has achieved this symbiosis, in other ways Divine Showdown falls a little short. A few criticisms first. The graphics, while being above average, don't do enough to convey the impressive gathering of four mighty gods.

The symbols have a Street Fighter 2 vibe which is a bit flat . Make no mistake, the graphics overall are good and convey action, but an injection of more flair and life wouldn't have been missed.

The good news is that the theme, on the whole, works well. The idea of ​​bringing together a diverse range of gods, rather than focusing on a pantheon is intriguing. Developers often beat battle sequences in slots, but we're not playing full-fledged video games here, so they're generally point and click at best. Despite this natural limitation, the battles here make sense and tie the functionality well with the theme.

Overall though, while being an entertaining game, Divine Showdown feels like a slightly missed opportunity. You don't feel that Play'n GO has completely invested its heart and soul in it. A slot machine with a theme this epic could have been massive, instead, it settled for above-average status. Maybe we're too hard on this.

There's a lot to enjoy here, especially for fans of the theme who can get lost in intense gameplay sessions. The high volatility will sort out the truly dedicated from the long line of aspirants, and there is up to 5,000 times the bet offered if the gods find you worthy.

Divine Showdown is available at many online casinos in the world, we have selected for you below a list of the best online casinos in French to play Divine Showdown

The 3D Divine Showdown slot game is developed in Spanish by Play'N Go and dedicated to the battles of mythical gods that take place on 5 reels forming combinations on 20 active lines. The Norse god Thor, the Chinese King Monkey, the Greek goddess of wisdom and warfare Athena and the Egyptian god of death Anubis go to battle in the free spins round triggered by three Scatters. You can choose a god who will have 3 lives and the one with the most symbols of power will win. On each random spin you can win a random prize multiplier between x2 and x10 or get the bonus of Power Spins of any random god with extra bonuses. Test the force of power with the free slot at MrCasinoSlots.

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Expert Review Divine Showdown Slot

The most powerful gods will fight in Divine Showdown, a Play'n Go online slot that integrates a special feature and gives you access to a feature and bonus with free games. The main characters in this game are four known gods, and the most precious of them is Thor, the Norse god of Thunder. This god has the power to award a fantastic 1,600 jackpot, while the Egyptian god Anubis can award 1,400 jackpot.

The Divine Showdown slot machine features a 5x3 reel grid with 20 pay lines. The battle reel will spin to decide the action. If you land on a spin icon, a special spin will be played. If it lands on a god symbol, a battle against that god will be triggered.

When the battle is triggered new symbols of power cascade instead of the standard reels. The god with the highest amount of power symbols will win the battle on the finishing move. If the battle is won, a Free Spin will be played with the chosen power. If the battle is lost, a life will be subtracted and the turn will be played with the power of the active enemy god. Free Spins will end when all lives are lost.

ScreenPlay of Divine Showdown

Divine Showdown slot game
Divine Showdown slot game
Divine Showdown slot game
Divine Showdown slot game
Divine Showdown slot game

Big Win on Divine Showdown

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Best Casinos offering Divine Showdown

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200 Free Spins
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€200 Bonus
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RTP in Divine Showdown

RTP rate of Divine Showdown is 96.51%.

So what is RTp in Casino Slot games? The RTP percentage of a slot machine is one of the most important characteristics to consider before betting. The acronym RTP stands for β€œReturn to Player”, and tells us how profitable a slot is, from Play'n GO.

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Is Divine Showdown online slot available to play for free? ‡

Absolutely! You can experience all the oriental wonder of Divine Showdown online slot and play for free on MrCasinoslots.com. There is no need to download or register, simply launch the game in your browser and start spinning.

Where can I play Divine Showdown slot machine on mobile? ‡

Yes! You can play Divine Showdown at any online casino that offers the Play'n Go library of slot games on mobile devices. Take a look at the best real money mobile casino sites that offer games on smartphones across Windows, iOS and Android.

Can I play Divine Showdown on mobile? ‡

Divine Showdown is available to play on the go, on any mobile device! All you have to do is, open MrCasinoSlots, choose your game and start spinning today. Easy!

Can I claim a no deposit bonus to play Divine Showdown slot machine? ‡

While we cannot say yes for sure, we can steer you towards the best no deposit bonuses. All bonus offers are linked to safe, trusted casinos, and you may find Divine Showdown online slot available to play, too.

What features does the Divine Showdown online slot have? ‡

The Divine Showdown slot machine spreads the magic with symbols, a free spins round and Tumbling Reels. Place your bet and spin for a chance to win up to 1,000,000 coins.