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Crusader is a video slot where you can increase your chances thanks to its special features.

Title: Crusader
Provider ELK Studios
Release Date2020-03-18
Hit Freq 21.2
Reels 5
Rows 3
ThemeMedieval, Middle Ages
TypeVideo Slots
Max Winx2500.00/100
Min / Max 0.2
Available Desktop / Mobile
Last Updated2021-05-21

Crusader: Slot Review

ELK Studios based their last Crusader slot around the historical event when Edward I led his powerful Crusaders to hold Acre against the Mamluks in a final position in AD 1291. The game is all about the wilds stacked that can fit over the pointed out reels furthest away on either side, and this is also the key to the game's bonus round.

Everything takes place on 5 reels, 3 lines and 26 paylines, and you can place bets between 20c and 100 € per spin on all platforms and devices. The medieval theme has a heavy feel, just like the slot machine itself can feel dense when you pass countless spins with little to no returns. It's a very volatile game from ELK, and the RTP of 96.1% is about the industry average.

For those interested in history, we can reveal that the Crusaders lost the Battle of Acre, and that was the turning point of their entire Crusade. The main attraction here is the free spins bonus round, where reels 1 and 5 are sticky stacked jokers and the reel game can expand up to 9 additional lines and 72 additional paylines. The biggest downside is the 2500x max earning potential, which just isn't enough to motivate us through the kind of excruciating dry spells you'll have to endure in this siege.

Theme and Crusader symbols.

The game has an exciting combat theme and it's worked well. With this slot machine you will find a nice background. In addition, the game provider ELK Studios has chosen a corresponding playground. This makes playing this Slot Machine even more fun. The beautiful graphics make it look like you are walking around the environment where all the fighting takes place. This makes it extremely exciting to get started with this game.

When you load this slot machine in an online casino, you will see a nice background. In the background you can see the environment where there is fighting, such as big boulders, bunkers, mountains and hills. The grass can be seen and to the right of the large field you can see the fire. Everything seems to be burning and it also creates a lot of smoke and a red glow in the air. If you are playing this slot machine, you will already feel the tension through the game's background.

If you are playing the Crusader slot machine, you can also display beautiful symbols on the 5 reels of the game. Among other things, you can spin symbols like a tough man with a stick, swords, gold grails, books and much more. The symbols complement the theme of the Crusader Slot Machine well. On every spin you can see different symbols and therefore you have a chance on every spin to win a nice cash prize.

How to play Crusader Slot Machine.

Head to the fortress and defend your loot with each press of the Spin button, which is in the lower right corner of the screen. By tapping it once, the active bet will be deducted from the balance once.

To set the bet, simply tap the coin stack button in the lower left corner and select your amount from the grid of bets available. The smallest bet is only 20p and the largest is € 100.00 per spin. Whatever bet you choose, the potential winnings will be displayed according to it on the paytable.

The Crusader slot machine paytable can be accessed by pressing the menu button, which is the three-dash symbol in the upper left corner of the game. This is where players can choose their betting strategy (more on that a bit) and see the bonus rules.

If you want to play the game hands-free, tap the autoplay button in the upper right corner. A list with the automatic spins presets opens and you must select one to start the game.

How to Win Crusader Slots.

To win in the game, three matching symbols should be displayed on the reel set. Optimal payouts are achieved with five symbols and more than one winning outcome based on some sort of symbol can occur from any given spin.

In terms of symbol payouts, the paytable offers the numbers relating to the active bet, so you always know what the potential payouts may be when you bet the specific amount.

The Crusader Slot Machine offers 10x for five chalices, 5x for the golden box , 4x for the dagger and 3x, 2.5x and 2.25x respectively for the three symbols with different crosses.

There is a joker which substitutes for one of these symbols and, like as we said, there is no scatter on the paytable, so the bonus function is triggered by a specific sequence.

Crusader's bonus features?

Exclusively on reels 1 and 5, you can land a stacked crossed wild symbol, and it will appear 4 symbols high. Whenever you land this symbol only partially on the reels, you trigger the Crusader Wild bonus feature. You'll then see the stacked savage boost in place for each respin, and you still get enough respins for the stacked savage to fully cover the reel. If a new Crusader Wild partially lands on the other reel on a respin, you will get enough repins for that one to also be in place.

Free spins

If you have the chance to place 2 fully stacked Crusader Wild symbols on reels 1 and 5 (the pointed reels), you will trigger the game's free spins bonus round. This gives you 8 spins, and reels 1 and 5 are now covered with a sticky joker stacked for the duration of the feature.

You'll also get an expansion symbol that can only land on the center 3 reels. This is a gold encrusted symbol with a red arrow in the middle, and it will extend the entire reel with 1 row each time it lands. You also get 1 extra free spin when this happens, and you can expand the reel up to 9 times, giving 12 lines in total.

The Sticky Wild Crusader on each of the outer reels also extends which means you also get more wild characters. Each time you expand the reel game with additional lines, you also increase the number of paylines. If you get the maximum of 12 lines, you will enjoy 98 ways to win on your remaining free spins.

Jackpot (maximum win)

You will not find any jackpot in the slot machine under Crusader, but you can still earn decent amounts here. The game's maximum win is 2,500 times your stake, which is a bit low for a high volatility machine. The good news is that the potential to win applies just as well in the base game as it does during the free spins bonus round. If you play with the highest possible bet of $ 100, you can win up to $ 250,000 on a single spin here.


Stock provisions, because Crusader can require a siege mentality. Waves of dead spins and small wins hit the walls before many actions take place. When they do eventually, they can be surprisingly useful, although the wilds don't usually push the game. They are more there to keep the funds a bit dynamic and help with player engagement while waiting for the main event to drop. . The Crusader wild also tends to appear on the 5th reel, making it harder for the winners than the first reel, as you would imagine.

Land the two Crusader symbols and things get interesting . How often this happens has unfortunately been omitted from the official scoresheet - something ELK has used easily to track down and which is a departure from their transparency. The full potential of the game has a chance to be unleashed during the bonus game, with single spin wins of up to 980 times your possible stake with full chalice symbol grids.

With the 1st and 5th reels blocked, lots of wins can accumulate. And yet, while the bonus round could be fun, the reel expansion feature was more exciting and effective in some of ELK's previous slots. The overall potential is also disappointing, with a top prize capped at 2,500 times your stake. It's the same amount as Ecuador Gold, another slot machine with expanding reels, and probably the least desirable of the Gold series, which tells you something.

At the end of this account, the Crusaders lost Acre and ultimately ended up stumbling in Europe. The same goes for Crusader the slot. He sometimes leads a valiant fight, but would have been much more interesting if ELK had armed him more heavily. Adjusting the functionality, or adding something more, or mitigating the capped potential would have helped. Once you've landed the bonus round and seen what it can do, it's easy to wave the white flag and turn the tail.

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Expert Review Crusader Slot

Explore the city of Acre and discover the history and discover the history of this famous city with the new launch of the ELK Studios brand entitled Crusader. This is a video slot that comes with a historical theme and includes 5 reels, 4 rows and 26 pay lines. Players can set conventional bets between 0.20 and 100 per spin.

The maximum possible payout in this game is 2,500 times your bet and during the game there are two special symbols.

The first Special game symbol is Crusader which is wild, while the second symbol is an expansion symbol.

A partial hit of the 1 × 4 Crusader symbol activates the return function. Each turn moves the Crusader symbol one step up or down at a time until it is fully visible, and then turns end.

Turns continue if a second 1 × 4 Crusader comes out during a move. The Crusader in full view will remain catchy during respins, until the second Crusader is also fully visible.

Two fully visible Crusaders trigger 8 free games with bonus mode. The bonus mode always starts with 4 rows.

Reels 1 and 5 are fully covered by sticky wilds during the free games bonus game.

ScreenPlay of Crusader

Crusader slot game

Big Win on Crusader

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RTP in Crusader

RTP rate of Crusader is 96.1%.

So what is RTp in Casino Slot games? The RTP percentage of a slot machine is one of the most important characteristics to consider before betting. The acronym RTP stands for “Return to Player”, and tells us how profitable a slot is, from ELK Studios.

As we always say on, is the best way to see how online slot works & try it for free as Demo. That is why on our site you will find one of the most complete reviews with big wins of high quality and free slot machines, together with a lot of useful information to get the most out of your games.


Is Crusader available to play for real money online? ⤵

Yes! You can play Crusader slot for real money at most leading online casinos. Sign up and get spinning today.

Can I play Crusader on mobile? ⤵

Crusader is available to play on the go, on any mobile device! All you have to do is, open MrCasinoSlots, choose your game and start spinning today. Easy!

Where can I play Crusader slot machine on mobile? ⤵

Yes! You can play Crusader at any online casino that offers the ELK Studios library of slot games on mobile devices. Take a look at the best real money mobile casino sites that offer games on smartphones across Windows, iOS and Android.

Which is the best online casino to play Crusader slot? ⤵

At MrcasinoSlots we review every casino available to give you a list of the best casinos, and ones to avoid. We make sure they’re safe, honest and fair. We do the hard work, so you don’t have to!

Can I play Crusader slot machine in my country? ⤵

Yes, Crusader online slot is available to play in most locations. Have a look at our list of casinos by country to find one accessible in the USA which also comes with an amazing welcome offer!