3Diamonds FashionTV Slot ᐈ Free Demo Play, RTP, Review

Glamor meets TV and hits the casino with the 3Diamonds FashionTV \ u2013 slot. Read our review now.

Title: 3Diamonds FashionTV
Provider Espresso Games
Release Date2021-06-22
Available Desktop / Mobile
Last Updated2021-07-23

3Diamonds FashionTV: Slot Review

3Diamonds FashionTV

The luxury and glamor of one of the most popular television channels in the United States has come to the casino thanks to Espresso Games. Welcome to the 3Diamonds FashionTV online slot, a game with up to 108 possible combinations, double wilds and special prizes. A game in which luck and glamor go hand in hand. Will you join us?

Luck and glamor go hand in hand in the 3Diamonds FashionTV slot machine

This game is somewhat different in its aesthetics and game configuration, so much so that at first it may be shocking to many players. Don't panic because we explain everything below.

The screen is divided into three sections. In the central part we have the game board where we can form the 108 prize combinations. On the left we have the indicator of special awards and on the right the information panel, which has its importance. Let's start with the central part.

The central game panel is made up of four reels and three rows in which we have to create chains of 3 or 4 equal figures on adjacent reels. The figures are ordered according to the prizes that we can get and they are:

The prizes will be more or less high depending on the level of bet where you are. In total you have 5 positions that you must indicate at the time of placing your bet. Thus, the lowest bet you can make is 0.1 credits at level 1, which makes a total bet of 0.50 credits per spin. On the other side we find the maximum bet of 0.25 credits at level 5, which makes a total bet per spin of 62.50 credits. Payouts will be multiplied by the level at which the bet is placed.

Espresso Games reports that this game has a return to player of 97.34%. Remember that you should always play for fun and at your own risk.

But what is special about this slot besides its television theme? Well, in this game you are not alone and you compete against other players.

Bonuses, extras and a competition with other players

This 3Diamonds FashionTV slot by Espresso Games has some peculiarities. The first is their bonus figures, specifically the Wild Wild cards that will appear as two bottles of champagne: a green with a white label and a gold one. Wild symbols will appear on reels 2 and 3 and occupy the entire reel vertically. In addition to substituting any figure to form a prize combination, they will give us free spins as follows:

And the special prizes? On the left side we have a panel with three positions: blue, gold and diamond black. Each time you win a prize, a portion of the prizes will be distributed among the three panels, increasing the value. Once the first marker is completed, the blue one, we will have on the screen where we must decide if the accumulated prize is added as a notch in the indicator of the next panel or if we want to collect it. We have 30 seconds to decide.

But be careful because you are not alone. IF another player beats you on the same prize, the prize amount will drop and a message will appear announcing that another player has won that prize. In the information panel on the right you will be able to know if there is another player about to win a prize or if you are the winner.

Slot Machine 3Diamonds FashionTV: Our verdict

Although At first this game is somewhat confusing, this slot is really interesting and original. We cannot forget that, behind a relatively simple game dynamics, there is a competition at the casino level that is also transferred to the free version. You should definitely give this online casino game a try.

ScreenPlay of 3Diamonds FashionTV

3Diamonds FashionTV slot game

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RTP in 3Diamonds FashionTV

RTP rate of 3Diamonds FashionTV is 97.34%.

So what is RTp in Casino Slot games? The RTP percentage of a slot machine is one of the most important characteristics to consider before betting. The acronym RTP stands for β€œReturn to Player”, and tells us how profitable a slot is, from Espresso Games.

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Can I play 3Diamonds FashionTV online slot for free? ‡

You can play a completely free version of 3Diamonds FashionTV slot here at MrCasinoSlots. You don’t need to register or download anything, simply load the game and play.

Do I have to download 3Diamonds FashionTV to play online? ‡

No! While the option to download 3Diamonds FashionTV exists, you can play the game online at MrCasinoSlots.com directly from your desktop and mobile making it easier to access.

Can I play 3Diamonds FashionTV for free online? ‡

Yes, you can! 3Diamonds FashionTV is available to play for free on MrCasinoSlots with no need to download or register. You can choose between your desktop or any mobile device.

What features does the 3Diamonds FashionTV online slot have? ‡

The 3Diamonds FashionTV slot machine spreads the magic with symbols, a free spins round and Tumbling Reels. Place your bet and spin for a chance to win up to 1,000,000 coins.

Can I claim a no deposit bonus to play 3Diamonds FashionTV slot machine? ‡

While we cannot say yes for sure, we can steer you towards the best no deposit bonuses. All bonus offers are linked to safe, trusted casinos, and you may find 3Diamonds FashionTV online slot available to play, too.