How to win at poker: strategies, tips, tricks and rules

When sitting at a green table, having poker strategies and knowing poker tricks is essential to increase the chances of ending the game as a winner, or going to a prize anyway.

Posted on 13rd May

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How to win at poker


Dreaming of attending the WSOP event [world searies of Poker] but no idea of any poker pro tips? When sitting at a green table, having poker strategies and knowing poker tricks is essential to increase the chances of ending the game as a winner, or going to a prize anyway. In addition to being a good gambler towards the road that leads to how to win at poker, it is important to know poker strategies or certain tricks to be able to read the moves of the opponents and avoid wasting your money on the green tables.

In this regard, we at published this article dedicated to poker strategies and tricks like omaha poker tips or like poker tips which come handy when dealing with online casinos. This will help for all those who are beginners and for the so-called Pros and want to be in a poker tournament while needing tips. We will start from a general overview, with a paragraph dedicated to those that we consider the techniques to be absolutely known when playing, and then go into more detail with the poker strategies of the Texas Hold 'em version , which we can define the standard formula when it comes to games in virtual green tables. Before continuing the reading we want to highlight a comparison of the bonuses and offers offered by the 888 online poker:

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Basic tricks and strategies for Texas Holdem Strategy

Once you start a game you have to take some tricks that can be useful to win at poker and ultimately have the texas holdem winning cards . In this paragraph we have decided to list some tips and tricks that we can fit very well into the basic Poker cheat category. These are general techniques that can be used in all variations: from Omaha to Cash , from multi-table tournaments to Heads Up .

Study the behavior of opponents: this tip does not concern a specific variant or only the online version. We think that among the first poker tricks is the study of your opponent, especially when you have the opportunity to see him live, very carefully. If he is still a beginner in all probability he will go to express his mood according to the cards. So it will be much easier to read his moves and beat him.

Game style: It is important to adopt your own style of play, improve it over time and make it your winning weapon. The advice we feel we can give to beginners of the game is to start from a rather conservative style , avoiding to imitate the "deeds" of the champions seen on television. Play your cards at the right time and avoid looking for games that you are still unable to do. In this way the first results will arrive. Then, when you become familiar with Texas Hold'em , you can start experimenting with more aggressive game styles. The style of play is among the best strategies for winning both Italian and Texan Poker.

Bluff: this term indicates the attitude of a player tending to mislead an opponent by not letting him understand what his game situation is. This is, in all probability, the most used and known trick to win at online or online poker. But be careful not to abuse it because it is undoubtedly one of the most used poker strategies on all tables.

Playing in an unpredictable way: it is also our advice to adopt an unpredictable style in the eyes of your opponent. Keeping the same line for the whole game would always be counterproductive as it makes us too predictable in the eyes of our opponents.

Folding: if during your texas hold em online poker game you have some exceptional cards in your hand, fold, without any kind of delay. Keeping bad cards could penalize you and consequently lead you away from victory. Especially online, when you don't have the opportunity to understand the feelings or read the expressions of your opponents, it is important to pass when you think you are inferior to your opponent. Always reaching the river, squandering a mountain of chips, is not part of the winning poker strategy.

Patience: the advice in question applies to both real poker, both live and online poker. Don't get frantic, wait for the right moment to enter the game. Pondering when it is convenient to enter will give you a huge advantage.

Top 5 Advanced Poker Texas Hold'em Strategies

We have seen what we can define as poker tricks to know and always practice to increase the chances of winning. However, these are poker strategies based on your personal skills that can be acquired through experience, playing freeroll tournaments , but also working on your limits, obviously improving them. Now we want to deepen, however, the advanced poker strategies of Texas Hold'em, or the variant by far most practiced online and in the terrestrial rooms and the one in which knowing and implementing poker strategies has the greatest importance, both in the short and long term . Finally we inserted the formula of Fold Equity as a note.

1 - Hand Selection - manage your bankroll

For the uninitiated the bankroll represents the amount of money we have available to play poker, the so-called "Budget" . Managing this money is critical to winning poker and being successful in Texas Hold'em . A good technique for saving your money is knowing which hands to play. It is essential to avoid starting hands that are not worth the investment. Save your chips for the best opportunities. You mainly play hands that have reasonable odds of prevailing at the showdown.

2 - Check-Raise

Let's get to the heart of poker strategies with check-raise, one of the simplest but at the same time very powerful. How does this technique work? It consists of checking (staying in play in one hand without having to make other bets or raises) and then raising after another player after you has bet. Obviously it is crucial that there was no action before your turn. By doing so, you initially show weakness and your opponent may raise to win the pot thinking he has only weak hands against him. With the raise you put your opponent back against the wall because in case of a negative score he will fold and you will have won the chips he had bet after your check. Check-raising is mainly done in two ways: when you think you have a hand that can be the best, and you want to do it by value, or when you think that your opponent has the best hand and that with a check-raise in bluff you can fold it. Obviously it must be done wisely in both cases, especially in the case of bluffing. Finally, it also serves to vary your game and not to allow your opponents to read the dynamics of your game with some ease.

3 - Poker strategies: semi-bluffing

This technique consists in betting or raising with a project, therefore without having yet obtained an important point but with great chances of being able to score it. So it's not a bluff in the true sense of the word, because you have a hand that has a good potential to improve on the turn or river. By betting or raising you have two ways to win: you could close the draw and the best hand, or you could win the pot because your opponent folds. Convincing your opponent to fold is the main goal of semi-bluffing, and there is nothing other than pure bluffing in this aspect. Obviously this technique should not always be used: you must also know your opponents.

4 - Isolation Play

We continue our guide on Texas Hold'em poker strategies by talking about isolation play, a move that can allow you when you are playing a hand to eliminate part of the competition and thus increase your chances of winning the pot. What does isolation play consist of? You must carry out the counter raise on a player who opened the pot by raising, in order to force the others to fold, thus isolating the only player you want to play against. Doing so will make you more likely to win the pot by closing the best hand at the showdown or you can use your position to win the pot after the flop. Usually this technique is used against those with few chips or against beginners.

5 - I Tell a Poker

Observe the behavior of your opponents , they can reveal a lot of information to you. We are talking about "tells ". Finding them is not easy, it takes a lot of training, but through the information that can reveal it will be easier for you to make important decisions in the course of a hand . But be careful, you too will give it to your opponents. Always try to hold back your emotions when you are in an important hand.Finally we close with a clarification on the concept of Fold Equity , a term that is abused without ever understanding the actual meaning well. What is Fold Equity in Poker? It is the possibility that our opponent folds his hand to our bet / raise related to the gain in chips that we would get from this fold. Nothing written, but something that will evaluate the player during the game, at the moment. There is, however, a real Fold Equity formula to calculate one of the most important strategies, and it is the following:

Formula Fold Equity = BET / POT + BET [example].

Bet is the bet while Pot indicates the total amount of money (or chips in the event of a tournament) that players compete for in each single hand. The fold equity strategy is a direct consequence of equity, which is the portion of the pot (in fact it is also indicated by the term pot equity) that we expect to win in the long run by always doing the same action in equal situations. Basically, we need to understand when our action can lead the opponent to decide to fold their hand, keeping in mind that this poker strategy can lead us to win pots in which we do not start favorites and to pass hands to our opponents who are on the card. better than ours.

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Texas Holdem Poker Rules: How to Play

In this paragraph we will see how to play Texas Hold'em poker and what are the rules of the most famous and used variant. The Texas Hold'em poker rules on the number of players are clear: from a minimum of 2 to a maximum of ten per table. It is played with a normal deck of French 52 cards without the use of the two wild cards. According to the official texas holdem poker rules in the gambling halls and at the casino who mixes the 52 cards cannot play. There is the figure of the DEALER who has the task of shuffling and distributing the cards, as well as collecting the bets that are made from time to time, showing the community cards and finally assigning the pot to the winner. Obviously if you are playing with friends one of the participants is chosen to play the double role of player / dealer.FIRST PHASE OF PLAY: The texas Hold'em poker rules provide before the beginning of the hand two mandatory bets that must be made by: the first player to the left of the dealer who puts the "small blind" on the pot, the player to the left of the small blind places another mandatory bet the "big blind", which generally corresponds to double the small blind. This phase can be identified with the name Blinds. Immediately after each player receives two hole cards, called 'Hole cards', the value of which will not be revealed except in the event of a final showdown. The first betting round, called the pre-flop, occurs immediately after the distribution. The player to the left of the Big Blind has the right to speak first. At this point, how do you play texas holdem poker? THEThe first player can choose from the following possible actions:
  • Call / Call: Continue the hand by betting the same amount invested by the previous players. The blinds are treated as bets so to continue playing you must put at least the sum of the big blind on the plate;
  • Folding : abandoning the hand, because you don't want to continue. A player who withdraws will not be able to bet any more money during the current hand.
  • Raise / Raise : consists in making a higher bet than those made by the previous players, increasing the value of the pot. All other players will have to adjust their wagers, or raise them again ("re-raise").

Following all the other participants can do the same actions with the player who is big blind who can also check , that is to continue to stay in the game without betting, if none of the participants at the table has raised.

SECOND PHASE OF PLAY: After the first betting round, the dealer must discard a card from the deck and turn the FLOP, consisting of three cards face up in common for everyone. According to the texas Hold'em poker rules these three flop cards are common, available to all players still active. From this stage on, the first player to speak is the active player to the left of the dealer. At this moment since everyone has the same amount bet in the pot the first to speak can do these actions:
  • Check : consists of passing the action to the following player in a clockwise direction without betting.
  • Bet : put money in the pot, make a bet, increasing the final prize pool. If a player bets, the competitor immediately follows in a clockwise direction, and all others after him, can: fold (fold), raise (raise) or call (call).
  • Fold ;
  • Raise .

In this phase of the hand theoretically all players can use the check, thus obtaining a free card. Obviously the goal of each player is to adopt strategies to win the pot, so some may decide to raise so that selection is made and the next round there are fewer opponents in play. Once the betting round is over, the dealer discards another card from the deck, then deals another card face up called TURN in the center of the table . A further round of betting takes place with the player who can make the same moves: check, bet, fold, raise. Next, the dealer discards the last card from the deck, then deals the last community card called RIVER .After this card, the fifth community card, the last betting round takes place.

THIRD STAGE OF PLAY - SHOWDOWN : The last stage also has very specific texas holdem poker rules. Players can use none, one or two of their cards and community cards to form the best five-card hand. The best five card hand wins the pot. The first to show the cards is the one who made the last bet or the last raise. If there were no bets in the final round, the player to the left of the dealer is the first to show his cards. The player with the best five-card combination wins the pot. In case of equivalent points , the player who owns the highest card or cards outside the point ( kicker) wins the pot). If not even this would result in a gap between two or more players, they would split the stake equally ( split pot ). According to the texas holdem poker rules in fact all the suits have the same value. If only one player is left in the pot at the end of a betting round (because everyone else has folded), the player automatically wins the pot.

Once the hand is finished, the big dark moves to the left, taking the dark with it. What we have just described is a guide for how to play Texas poker valid both online and offline. Compared to a real table, in the web version the whole preparation phase is lost with a dealer who distributes the cards and determines the playing times.


How to win at poker?

Some points that we suggest are:
  • Let the ego take over
  • Playing outside bankroll
  • Not attacking enough with a strong hand
  • Don't practice a good game selection

How do casinos win at poker?

As in normal hold'em games, the best five card hand wins the pot. After placing an ante and an optional bonus bet, both players and the dealer are dealt two hole cards. Three community cards are then turned over (the flop).

What hands win at poker?

The best straight flush is the straight flush, which is an ace straight flush. The royal flush is an unbeatable hand . Poker : a hand consisting of four cards of equal value and a fifth card or 'kicker'. In case of a tie: the one who has the poker with the highest value cards wins.

Can you win at poker without bluffing?

In poker there are therefore no precise dogmas according to which one can say "one must bluff ", or "no one must not bluff ". It is certain, however, that you can win even without bluffing but the best way is to know how to adapt to the players at the table and understand if it is appropriate to bluff in certain spots.

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