Beware of Casino scams and How to Avoid Fraud

How to protect yourself from fraud? and how to detect casino scams.

Posted on 4th April

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online casino scams

The most common problem is the facilitation of certain players over others. Some calculation algorithms used by certain sites tend to favor certain players, basically the cheap leaders of the various tables. The logic behind it is quite simple, favoring cheap leaders with the cards that come out on the table actually speeds up the game and as the site earns a percentage on each game played, the site earns by making more money faster.

"Tips on how to figure out if a poker site is fraudulent. How to defend yourself. Wherever there is any possibility of earning there are also those who want to be smart. In the online casino industry there is a lot to be gained, and despite the consolid"

Although this phenomenon, widespread in the early days of Online Poker, seems to have been almost entirely eradicated, some shrewdness may have remained, so if you have the feeling that the cheap leader always wins, don't forget that maybe it's not just a sensation.

Another problem are probable site bugs, a problem certainly not existing on sites of some experience, but a problem to be taken into consideration. It may happen that for some programming errors, the system benefits certain players only for the type of nickname used, for their IP or for the time they are connected, and these are just some of the probable eventualities. Although these problems are not directly attributable to the site operator, in order to avoid them, it would be useful to be wary of sites that have just been opened or in any case not recommended by anyone.

Online Casino Scams

We therefore come to the greatest danger, not at all related to the sites themselves, but certainly the most widespread of all, players who seek easy earnings. Regardless of the seriousness of an Online Poker site, there will always be players who, with their poor ability to play poker but with their considerable technical skills in the computer field, will try to find the trick to scrub the system and to become the favorite players from it. Despite the various security checks and the anti-intrusion systems present in the poker rooms, this phenomenon becomes increasingly alarming with the increase in poker enthusiasts. The only possible antidote for these cases is to immediately report a player who is too lucky to the site that manages the poker room to carry out all the necessary checks.

In conclusion, even if all the above precautions are valid, we must never forget that the reputation of a poker room is an index of its seriousness and security, so much so that security is the field where Online Poker site invest the most absolutely. First of all, we think about winning, there are those who are paid to think about safety. my personal advice is to read poker site reviews before playing. I recommend this review online poker sites in Europe from sites

How to Protect yourself from fraud?

online casino fraud
So How to protect yourself from Fraud. Many online scammers would not mind to fill their pockets in with gullible players’ money. How do they do this? Read about the main ways of deception and how to resist it.

Roulette scams

The game of roulette is one of the most loved among gamblers and one of the most studied by the best systems engineers in the world. Many strategies have been invented to win at roulette, sometimes effective even if not mathematically. But beware that strategies that indicate many sites are often just a method to make you lose.

I remember one day stumbling upon a website that explained a winning method which was clearly a scam, just a way to make you throw your money away, indications of doubling and doubling again when you lose, nothing more wrong and not recommended. Obviously I had fallen in full!

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