Pulse 8 Studios Provider

Pulse 8 Studios provider
Meet Pulse 8 Studios, one of the industry's newest and most promising developers from the Far East. We discover what their games are like and what you should know about them

Casino Slot Games from Pulse 8 Studios

Lucky Twins Jackpot
Lucky Twins Jackpot
Relic Seekers
Relic Seekers

Pulse 8 Studios Provider Review

With little more than a year of experience, the developments of Pulse 8 Studios for online casinos have managed to stand out for their careful graphics, unusual oriental themes and very entertaining game systems. If something seems to characterize his works, it is the ability to surprise in different areas.

We reveal the catalog of this small Asian company that is managing to stand out in the sector.

History of Pulse 8 Studios

Very little information can be found online about Pulse 8 Studios, one of the last independent developer companies to be part of the Microgaming platform, which offers these small businesses facilities to reach all online gambling platforms.

We know that Pulse 8 Studios started to take shape at the end of 2017, but it wasn't until mid-2019 that their first digital slot machine hit the market. This is Relic Seekers, a slot machine that managed to stand out for its artistic section both in terms of graphics and sound, well above the average. Since then they have released two other games, in December 2019 and January 2020. A very short run that proves to be promising.

Software, development and security

The game development of Pulse 8 Studios is done on the HTML 5 bases well known by the companies in the sector. A programming platform that drives multi-format and compatibility. Thanks to this we find that any of its games is compatible with any type of mobile device, tablet and browser for desktop and laptop computers. On the technical side, we must qualify as excellence the little that this small company has created so far. Visually appealing games that work perfectly and with enviable fluidity.

Regarding the security of their games, we must bear in mind that since their inception they have been part of Microgaming, an online gambling distributor. This collaboration is key to understanding that Pulse 8 Studios games must exceed the licensing standards that Microgaming has throughout the world, including all countries of the European Union, Switzerland, and the entire Latin American market.

Online games catalog

Let's focus on the most important, the games that Pulse 8 Studios has developed in its short career. In August 2019 they released Relic Seekers, a slot machine that stands out for its graphics, its music and for some small innovations in its bonus modes. It is a slot machine set in the search for treasures with an anime touch in its characters and a waterfall-type operation.

In December 2019 they released Treasures of Lion City, in which they again bet on the waterfall type format. However, they managed to make their graphic style and playability still stand out above the previous one. Here the background of the roulettes themselves comes to life with a very successful rain animation. The game makes things constantly happen on the screen, capturing the full attention of the player who can't stop wanting to see the limit of combinations to reach the juiciest bonuses of up to 27 the value of the bet.

Finally, in January of this year they commissioned the new Lucky Twinks Jackpot, a revision of the original that makes the most of one of the simplest roulette wheels on the market with a 3 x 3 symbol slot. A renovated classic with a technical level on the same level as this small studio.

Pulse 8 Studios is technique, art and emotion

With a very brief experience, Pulse 8 Studios has managed to capture our full attention. It is a good move by Microgaming to capture the gigantic Asian market with developments that exude quality from the first glance. We find a catalog of only 3 games with many differences between them that have some of the best graphics and animations that we have tested on any online casino gaming platform worth its salt.

We predict a great future for this small company based in the Far East and we will always be attentive to what Pulse 8 Studios, together with Microgaming, comes to offer to online casino players.