Crazy Tooth Studio Provider

Crazy Tooth Studio provider
Crazy Tooth Studio (CTS) is one of the most dynamic creators of online gambling. Find out everything you need to know about CTS games.

Casino Slot Games from Crazy Tooth Studio

Arctic Valor
Arctic Valor
Lady Earth de Crazy Tooth Studio – Los orígenes del universo
Lady Earth de Crazy Tooth Studio – Los orígenes del universo
Queen of the Crystal Rays
Queen of the Crystal Rays

Crazy Tooth Studio Provider Review

Crazy Tooth Studio is proof that it is not easy to gain a place in the busy online slot market. We review dozens of games monthly and there are quite a few slot operators that we must become familiar with. This creator of games of chance and software systems for casino management has managed to take his own place in the Olympus of developers.

Learn everything you need to know about Crazy Tooth Studio: its games, technology, history and development systems.

History of Crazy Tooth Studio

Crazy Tooth Studio was created in 2011 by Ben Hoffman in the city of Reno, Nevada, in the United States. Reno is the second largest city in the US state of Nevada, where its largest city is Las Vegas.

But surely like us, you must be wondering what is the origin of the name of this study. Crazy Tooth Studio, which in Spanish means ‘Crazy Tooth Study’, is the fault of Ben Hoffman's own dog, Choco, who had a slightly displaced tooth. It is no coincidence that the first game published by Crazy Tooth Studio was called Choco Choco and the image of it was a photo of Ben Hoffman's dog.

Since then, Crazy Tooth Studio has launched more and better titles to the market and incorporating all their titles to the best online casinos in the United States and Europe. Currently, the Crazy Tooth Studio team is releasing several titles each year, all under the banner “Quality Always Wins”.

In February 2019, the company announced that it had joined the exclusive club of games and creations providers for the large online gambling brand Microgaming. The first game to be released under the new partnership was Artic Valor. On the other hand, the Reno company entered Switch, Slingshot, Triple Edge and Fortune Factory to provide Microgaming with original games and always aim to surprise.

Software development and security

This studio has its own catalog of titles under its motto "quality always wins." This company uses a proprietary code called CTS Arsenal, which allows it something that few studios can do: create games in record time. The creative team is not only capable of creating excellent games, but also developing all aspects, including mathematical algorithms.

Since Crazy Tooth Studio is a small company, it has the advantage of having made the move from Flash to HTML5 in record time. Despite the popularity of Flash, HTML5 is the technology currently used by online casinos that allows the range of compatibility from the PC to the online devices to be extended. In this way, the CTS Arsenal system not only allows you to develop games in a dizzying time, but also to take them to the maximum number of devices.

Crazy Tooth Studio Game Catalog

Crazy Tooth Studio's game catalog is not exactly small and, since its first title released in 2011 'Choco Choco', whose protagonist is Ben Hoffman's Choco the dog and Crazy Tooth Studio's pet, more have been added and more titles.

In 2019 Artic Valor was the first title released for the online casino gaming mega platform Microgaming, a game themed themed on the frozen world of the Arctic. But you can also find Queen of Crystal Rays, Lady Earth, Diamong Force, Seven 7’s, The Incredible Balloon Machine, Wrecking Ball, Fortune Chimes or Game of Arrows.

Our team regularly evaluates Crazy Tooth Studio games so that you know all the news from this creator.

Why Crazy Tooth Studio is different

Crazy Tooth Studio is an online gambling creator that leaves us impressed because, with a relatively small size, it manages to place titles among the best of the year. Games with vibrant colors, well-crafted graphics and a good soundtrack that immediately grab our attention.

Without a doubt Crazy Tooth Studio has achieved a jackpot thanks to knowing how to give the players what they asked for, also making sure that each game is the best possible. We are sure that Crazy Tooth Studio, from its small studio in Reno, Nevada, will continue to present more and better titles to play from our PC or our mobile device.

Its partnership with Microgaming holds a promising future for the small Nevada studio and CTS is not only a pioneer in the creation of online games, it is also one of the highest quality providers that we can find in casinos. online from America and Europe.