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Amatic Industries provider
Discover the entire catalog of digital slots that AMATIC Industries has created for online casino players for almost 3 decades.

Casino Slot Games from Amatic Industries

Allways Fruits
Allways Fruits
Bells On Fire
Bells On Fire
Book of Fruits 10
Book of Fruits 10
Fantastico 7
Fantastico 7

Amatic Industries Provider Review

AMATIC Industries is a large developer of games and digital services for casinos around the world. This company, founded in 1993, has diversified its offering to become a giant that generates much more than online slots. They have their own machines with the latest technology and many high quality digitized games.

We tell you everything you need to know about AMATIC Industries and its games and services for online casinos.

History of AMATIC Industries

AMATIC Industries was founded in 1993 in the town of Rutzenmoos, Austria, near the German border, in the middle of Salzburg, Linz and Munich. It is a giant in the sector with a large presence of its machines in game rooms and casinos around the world, from Western Europe to the United States or Southeast Asia. In fact, this large company is part of the Leitbetriebe Austria platform, one of the most important internationalization networks in the country. In short, the production of AMATIC Industries

The main product of AMATIC Industries is its casino machines, some of which offer innovative multiplayer functions, such as its large roulette machines that allow an unlimited number of participants through other connected machines. In addition to these automatic roulettes, it has multi-game digital slot machines and systems for the control and management of the entire casino.

As we can see, a wide range of solutions, digital games and machines for casinos around the world. Its management programs are designed for gambling halls and casinos of any size, since they allow connecting the machines that are necessary. In addition, they provide specialized software for the management of servers for the machines, a whole system that ensures greater ease and a lot of security for the players.

But if we are particularly interested in the developments of AMATIC Industries, it is their prolific creation of virtual slots and card games available both on their machines and in all kinds of online casinos. We are talking about a whopping 155 games distributed between games such as BlackJack, roulette wheels or a wide variety of slots with all kinds of settings and themes.

Later, we will talk at length about many of these video games of chance that make up one of the most complete catalogs that a company in the sector offers.

Software development and security

As a developer of centralized systems for casinos, AMATIC Industries uses the main and most advanced game development systems, as well as systems that make the experience, both in machine and online, a safe bet. With integrated systems of SAS protocols (a standard in the industry), flexibility of prizes by groups to obtain jackpots and many other functions.

With regard to the responsibility and protection of the player, AMATIC Industries has taken a series of measures in different areas. At the personal council level, they support specialized centers in Austria, train workers and managers and cooperate with research institutes in Austria, Germany and Switzerland. As preventive measures, they always provide information for self-containment and measures for optional blocking to players who need it. In addition, they work a lot in training in the gaming centers.

Catalog of games and products

As we have mentioned previously, the AMATIC Industries catalog is one of the most extensive that a company in the sector offers. These are machines of different sizes and capacities, management software and all kinds of solutions to improve the capabilities of interaction with the machine, with customers and among the players themselves.

Among their digital games, always available both on their machines and in the online casinos that offer the ASMATIC catalog, we find all kinds of options, especially an impressive number of digital slots.

Taking a look at their video games we can separate them into these categories:

  • Card games, including games like BlackJack 21, Joker Card, Deuces or All American.
  • Roulette games, from royal roulette to other more famous ones, those already available on the machines.
  • Slots Machines, with a very wide variety of playable themes and innovations, and we are talking about a catalog of more than 100 slots. To highlight some we find from the most classic Hot Spins and Hot Seven to many set in fairy tales, adventures, other historical periods, the ever-present Irish elves, magic and even underwater adventures.

Of these virtual games, we highlight their optimization, since all of them have been programmed in HTML5, ensuring that they work on any browser and device. Many of these games have been adapted to offer online casinos the option of reaching their players without having to install them on their smartphones.

If we look at their catalog of machines, the variety is also wide with different types:

  • Cabinet Type: The classic slot machines, in this case completely digitized and with satellite and terminal options. In total 6 types of different options.
  • Roulette: 3 types of large roulette and a smaller option. These machines can be connected to cabinets to offer unlimited multiplayer gaming options.

AMATIC Industries, a giant in the digital casino sector

The conclusion that we draw from this look at AMATIC Industries is that we are talking about one of the largest representatives in digital gambling and casinos in general. A large company that has known how to diversify its offer, covering all the gaming needs that these rooms may need: from their management, lotteries and prizes, to their machines and the games themselves developed in-house and prepared for use in line.

We are talking about a long-established developer who in her more than 25 years has generated a number of slots and machines that are difficult to know in their entirety. A giant, who proves that he deserves his position through his games.

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