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1x2gaming provider
Innovative virtual league betting, colorful slot machines, we reveal all about 1X2 Gaming and its online casino games.

1x2gaming Company Information

1x2 Gaming is a company based in England and Malta specializing in the design of silver games since 2003, its name is taken from 1x2 bets where the player must predict the victory of team 1, the victory of team 2 or the draw. 1x2 Gaming is indeed one of the pioneers in the universe of betting games on virtual football, virtual matches are organized and between several teams, the player can make various bets over 90 seconds. This publisher is also present in a host of areas of casino games and, in collaboration with NYX Gaming Group, offers several 1x2 Gaming slot machines with simple graphics, without too much embellishment on an often colorful and very childish as revealed by Yule Be Rich, Kitty Cash and Piggy Bank. Although this publisher continues to expand on a multitude of different activities (keno, bingo, scratch cards, table games, virtual football and slot machines), it is however struggling to face the heavy competition of young actors who are focus exclusively on offering video slots.

1x2gaming Provider Review

Find out everything about 1X2 Gaming, with everything there is to know about the active bonuses of its games. 1X2 Gaming is a recent developer of games for online casinos and digital slots. We detail all the information about slot machines in this article.

All about 1X2 Gaming

1X2 Gaming is a UK based company that develops all kinds of online games for betting and casinos. Its offices are in Brighton, as well as Silicon Beach and it has a number of collaborators and subsidiaries. In fact, 1X2 Gaming as a brand is now part of the 1X2 Network.

The company was born in 2002 and specialized in generating virtual football programs, fixed-odds gambling games and the online casino games that we are going to talk about. In the time in which he has been working for the online gaming sector, he has generated fifty slots, a dozen casino games, scratch cards and even an arcade game of darts.

Their games are very easy to find in casinos, especially in English-speaking ones, and they always go for a very colorful visual style with very clear lines. A very clean style that simplifies the experience and works very well with the most classic games.

However, as we mentioned before, 1X2 Gaming's main product is sports betting games. Their main stronghold was Virtual Foorbal Gaming, something they saw as a fantastic opportunity to get closer to many other popular sports around the world such as basketball or rugby. Surely it is because of their work and experience in betting that they collaborate with such famous houses as Bwind or Ladbrokes.

1X2 Gaming online casino games

The games for casinos and digital betting houses of 1X2 Gaming share certain characteristics that facilitate their distribution to these platforms. For the relatively short time that they have been in the world of roulette, slot and betting games, they have created a certain quite distinguishable brand that brings some cohesion and quality.

The first aspect is a certain visual brand, their games are very clear. Each element of the interface is legible and predominates over the background, animations and graphics. Very vivid colors without being garish and thin lines. This way of making your games so intelligible at a glance may be due to your initial experience with sports betting games, as these are programs that display a large amount of data and must be instantly recognizable to avoid fatigue or confusion in the players.

Another aspect in common is the adaptability of its games to all types of formats, and that is that taking a look at its complete catalog we find that it has always been prepared to be available on smartphones, tablets and computer screens. Even in older games we find this responsive format and flash and html5 options. A demonstration of being a company well prepared for the needs of players and market trends.

The last aspect that we see that their developments share is the simplicity of the rules. All their roulettes, casino games and gambling tend to have very easy to understand rules, figures, bonuses and multipliers. It is something that shows the care for the players in 1X2 Gaming, always trying to offer them comprehensible games and, thanks to that, fun.

With this in mind, let's take a quick look at the specific games they offer:

In casino games we find 4 roulette games, 3 blackjack games and many others. The funny thing about these games is that there is a Chinese roulette and a Chinese dice game, SIC BO 888, 2 unusual options in online casinos.

In sports, it has several dedicated to different football leagues such as the Champions League, the Europa League, the World Cups, etc. To which must be added the games of American football and rugby. The difference with the usual sports bets is that they are virtual competitions, causing a tournament with several games to be played every hour and each week it is completed. Being able to even bet on the first or top scorer. A very particular way of offering the excitement of betting without having to wait for the big games.

As for slot machines, here we find a good variety of games and themes. Classic bar machines with their fruits, others with the classic themes of pirates, Egyptian gods or Irish nomes. But there are some very, very original and curious such as space Christmas, animal prison or those that take common themes such as vampires and Vikings with a feminine touch when starring women.

However, the most curious slots are all those that have a childish and fun touch, even those that are based on famous video games such as Fruit Ninja. A very curious theme for the type of game we are talking about and that, far from being contradictory, offers very colorful and showy games, even more fun.

Where can we find 1X2 Gaming slot casinos?

There are many online casinos that offer machines and games from this English developer: 24k casino, luckia, videoslots, bitcasino, 1xbit. Many of them are casinos that offer the opportunity to pay with points or cryptocurrencies, something that 1X2 Gaming facilitates by allowing any type of currency to be integrated into its games.

Our conclusions about the developer 1X2 Gaming

In our opinion, 1X2 Gaming has stood out from the crowd in various areas of online gambling and betting. The first thing that will surprise you is its concept of virtual betting, not because it is made digital, but because the competitions themselves work in a simulated and accelerated way. Something that makes the 1X2 Gaming catalog distinctive and original. On the other hand there are its slots, varied and with unique settings and colors.

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